05 March 2021

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Reed Business Information, Windsor Court, East Grinstead, RH19 1XA, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1342 335 889

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Bankers' Almanac is the leading source of intelligent reference data for payments, compliance and risk assessment. For over 160 years it has been a single point of reference for global banking information. Bankers' Almanac is proud to partner some of the most influential financial associations and continues to evolve its reference data solutions to meet the needs of the industry. With offices in Europe, Asia and USA, Bankers' Almanac is in continual contact with banks and regulatory authorities to provide up-to-date, verified data that can be consistently relied upon.

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Payment Solutions The reliability and accuracy of Bankersalmanac.com makes it an indispensable tool for the quality processing of cross-border payments. Our extensive coverage of clearing codes and SSIs, IBAN to BIC linkage and payments channels indicators ensure it is the essential provider of intelligent payments data, giving you the confidence when making payments across the globe.
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» More about: Payment Solutions Credit Risk Solution Bankers' Almanac Credit Risk provides comprehensive financial data and intelligence on global banks, enabling you to accurately assess counterparty credit risk.

Access detailed financial spreads on banks and financial institutions; credit ratings; original financial statements; bank personnel and histories in one single location.

Offering customisable peer comparison and export tools to ensure you extract analyse only the data in you need, Credit Risk helps you to drive efficiencies in your onboarding and credit review processes.
» More about: Credit Risk Solution Compliance Solutions The Bankersalmanac.com Due Diligence Repository holds the specific data you need to conduct due diligence checks on your bank counterparties by providing copies of bank's compliance documents including USA PATRIOT Act certification, AML policies and corporate governance documents. You can create a watch list of institutions you want to monitor and can sign up to the Due Diligence Alert where a weekly email keeps you informed of changes to the repository. You can request alerts for the banks you specify in your watch list or by document types, keeping you up-to-date at all times.
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» More about: Compliance Solutions Bankersalmanac.com Database Solutions The Bankers' Almanac Database Solutions service provides customised international banking data that fits perfectly into your own internal systems. Save time researching and maintaining the banking data you need as Database Solutions provides you with a central source of accurate, up-to-date information for cross-border payments, risk assessment and compliance/KYC.
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» More about: Bankersalmanac.com Database Solutions Bankersalmanac.com Advertising Solutions Promote your organisation to the global market and position yourself as an ideal partner to the world's biggest banks by taking advantage of our innovative advertising solutions. Be part of the 9 million impressions that adverts on our Bankersalmanac.com website receive per month* and be seen daily by users in 200 countries.
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