27 November 2014


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Zero-fee currency banking - Bitcoin digital banking

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Bitcoin world just noticed the awake of the start-up Circle. A bitcoin currency service that was founded in 2013. Circle has emerged today with the launch of bank-like services that will propel the cryptocurrency to new levels.

Boston-based Circle have been very quiet in the past. But its plans to offer bitcoin exchange technology had everyone caught off guards. "Our goal is to make it easy for consumers to deposit and convert currency into a digital form that they can then use globally and instantly, not offer a trading exchange where they can bet on a speculative asset," Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire explained.

Bitcoin had been a hot commodity that every investor, gambler or computer geek wanted a piece of it profit. It has risen from 2$ in 2011 to about 1000$ last year. The issues around its security and authority have been shaken by various announcement of hacks and law suits. A fix of its reputation will put it in the right spot in the next decade.

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Zero-fee currency banking - Bitcoin digital banking

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