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McDonalds announces McWallet - 'I am loving it'

22 June 2012  |  2503 views  |  0

I was joking, of course, but I bet many of you were not surprised - hardly a week goes by without some "m-wallet" announcement here or there. How many more m-wallets need to be launched before it becomes a four-letter word?

In fact, how many wallets does a consumer need? Just one!

The one which works in both physical and online worlds - and does so with the same high level of security.

The one which lets you decide which cards to store in it.

The one which is fully protected even if your phone is lost or stolen, and which can be instantly blocked if needed.

The one which can be quickly and easily transferred - and only by you - from one mobile device to another.

The one that allows you to make secure payments using either a card or a bank account.

The one that lets you lend a card to your wife or a best friend, if needed - in person or remotely.

The one which works in the same simple and convenient way with any phone, any operator, any bank, anywhere in the world.

Is there "the one" out there? If there is, it is unlikely to be McWallet.

(Hm, "TheOne" sounds like a cool name for such m-wallet)

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Alexander Peschkoff - TEDIPAY - London | 23 June, 2012, 10:15

I've had several private messages on the subject of m-wallet. Let me clarify the confusion: a solution that is tied up to just one party is a mobile payment app, not a wallet. M-wallet is (should be) an enabling platform which can host/unite multiple payment solutions (e.g. cards).

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