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326 Raleigh St., Holly Springs, NC, 27540, United States
Telephone: +1 919 567 9890
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A leading global provider of ePayment simulation, configuration and testing software since 1994, Paragon Application Systems provides over 400 customers in more than 80 countries with software to configure, simulate and test ATM and ePayment transactions. Implement EMV, add ATM features, conduct comprehensive QA testing of over 60 ISO, POS, IFX and other formats and stress test your payment systems with Paragon tools.
Products and services
FILEgen Rapidly generate Reconciliation, End of Day, Clearing and Settlement, and Risk Assessment batch files from your online test results.

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More about: FILEgen
ATMulator Plus Simultaneously develop and test ATM configurations and simulate the entire transaction flow from your desktop. More about: ATMulator Plus
FASTress Accurately measure your true transaction capacity with comprehensive stress testing. More about: FASTress
Web FASTest Offer on-demand ePayment testing-anytime, anywhere-via a centralized, unattended Web-based solution. More about: Web FASTest
FASTest Accelerate ePayment QA and regression testing with FASTest which currently supports testing of over 60 financial message formats. More about: FASTest
ConfigBuilder Design and test ATM configurations with customized text, graphics,and audio from your desktop. More about: ConfigBuilder
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