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19 rue d'Orléans, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Cedex, 92523, France
Telephone: +33 1 47 77 68 25
Telephone: + 1 617 912 4700
Asia Pacific
Telephone: + 852 3583 7900
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Linedata is a global solutions provider with 700 clients operating in 50 countries. With more than 840 employees across the globe, Linedata is dedicated to the investment management and credit community. Linedata has been at the service of the financial industry from day one, and applies its market and client insight to provide innovative and tailored mission-critical software and services that help its clients grow. Linedata provides a full front to back office solution for the buy-side, managing the entire investment process from pre-trade to settlement and reporting. Linedata addresses the specific requirements of mutual and institutional funds, alternative and hedge funds, fund administrators and prime brokers.

As a pioneer for over 10 years with the set up of ASP infrastructure for the financial industry, Linedata has preached and spread this model throughout the global financial community, for its full range of products. Headquartered in France, Linedata achieved revenues of EUR 144.5 million in 2009. This company is listed on Euronext Paris FR0004156297-LIN - Reuters LDSV.LN - Bloomberg LIN:FP.
Products and services
Software as a service Web: More about: Software as a service
Leasing & Credit Web: More about: Leasing & Credit
Insurance & Savings Web: More about: Insurance & Savings
Employee Savings Employee Savings Web: More about: Employee Savings
Alternative & Institutional Investment Web: More about: Alternative & Institutional Investment
Linedata Webpass Web: More about: Linedata Webpass
Linedata Reporting Brochure: Linedata_reporting.pdf 102.8 kb (PDF File) Web: More about: Linedata Reporting
Linedata Uniloan Web: More about: Linedata Uniloan
Linedata Noee Web: More about: Linedata Noee
Linedata Navquest Web: More about: Linedata Navquest
Linedata Mshare Brochure: Linedata_Mshare.pdf 231.1 kb (PDF File) Web: More about: Linedata Mshare
Linedata Mfact Brochure: Linedata Mfact.pdf 256.2 kb (PDF File) Web: More about: Linedata Mfact
Linedata Master I Web: More about: Linedata Master I
Linedata Lynx Brochure: Linedata Lynx 11 10.pdf 98 kb (PDF File) Web: More about: Linedata Lynx
Linedata Longview Brochure: Linedata_longview 11 10.pdf 101.5 kb (PDF File) Web: More about: Linedata Longview
Linedata Icon Retail Web: More about: Linedata Icon Retail
Linedata Icon Web: More about: Linedata Icon
Linedata EKIP Web: More about: Linedata EKIP
Linedata Compliance Brochure: Linedata_compliance 11 10.pdf 235.1 kb (PDF File) Web: More about: Linedata Compliance
Linedata Chorus Web: More about: Linedata Chorus
Linedata BDB Web: More about: Linedata BDB
Linedata Beauchamp Web: More about: Linedata Beauchamp
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