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Breaking into Fintech: Here’s how to get hired at Mollie

Sehrish Alikhan

Sehrish Alikhan

Reporter, Finextra

For the latest piece of our ‘Breaking into Fintech’ series exploring the job opportunities in fintech, Finextra asked Tamar van Herk, head of talent acquisition at Mollie, how candidates can maximise their potential and to get hired by leading fintechs.

Mollie is an online payments service for businesses, with offices across Europe in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, and Portugal.    

What top tips can you offer candidates looking to join the industry?

  1. Realise the dynamic nature of the industry: “New players in the fintech market are disrupting many parts of the financial sector daily. This may seem daunting, but it presents huge opportunities for personal and professional growth if you’re up for the challenge!”
  2. Convey your passion for the sector: “A key consideration for employers in the space is not only the technical skill of a candidate, but the emotional drive that person has to succeed. If you plan to work in this industry, you’ll have the chance to network, collaborate and learn at an unprecedented pace.”
  3. Do not underestimate the importance of collaboration: “Success is achieved through partnerships, cross-functional collaboration and teamwork. Try to think about the ways you’ve collaborated or worked well in a team before you go to an interview and how it has helped you to succeed!”

What does Mollie want from their ideal candidates?

Van Herk shares that Mollie is always seeking out inquisitive minds and ambitious go-getters. The ideal Mollie candidate is bold, passionate, unafraid of a challenge, and eager to work as a team player. 

She adds that Mollie values people who are looking for self-development: “At Mollie, we help our customers grow and are driven by their growth, so a person who is motivated by innovation and loves a challenge can help to make Mollie more successful.”

What roles is Mollie currently hiring for?

Mollie has open roles across tech, operations, compliance, and commerce. Most of positions available are currently senior engineering roles in their Lisbon and Amsterdam offices.

Check out jobs available at Mollie here.

Why work at Mollie?

Van Herk gushes about the sociable and friendly work culture at the company: “At Mollie, it’s the people we work with and our culture that we value most - and culture is all about the human connection. It’s the welcoming, supporting and open-minded nature of our interactions, it’s the fun we have while working hard together and it’s the time we enjoy spending together for Friday drinks. Our offices are places where meaningful employee connections are formed and strengthened, where collaboration is enabled and flourishes, and where the Mollie culture is lived and reinforced.”

What does Mollie offer their employees?

“Crucially, we are not afraid to make mistakes. We push to innovate and challenge each other, but we also support each other. Our current focus regarding our training programmes is on the following priorities; Leadership Development, Team Effectiveness and Mollie-wide Development.”

Mollie has developed training programs such as a mentoring program, LinkedIn Learning + ‘Mollieversity’ courses, and a Mollie Masterclass to encourage inter-departmental interaction.  

What can Mollie do for you?

Mollie offers employees bike plans, a wellbeing budget, healthcare allowances, and a bi-annual bonus scheme.

“Post-COVID, everyone is striving to find the right balance between work and home lives. And whether we’re in a pandemic or heading back to the office, we think it’s really important to pay attention to the way we feel, about the work we do and about ourselves while working. Therefore all Mollies also have access to OpenUp coaching.”

Van Herk also explains that Mollie supports the hybrid working model by providing work from home employees with a home office budget, and provides Mollies with the opportunity to work from anywhere for 20 days a year. 

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