20 May 2024

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GB House, Chester Business Park, Chester, CH4 9GB, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1244 657333

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GB Group has a 17 year history in providing clients with applications that allow them to turn raw customer data into meaningful business information.

Its unique matching technology has been extended over the last three years to incorporate identity checking functionality and GB Group is now the leading provider of global identity verification solutions for UK and international citizens. Its ID3™ suite of products can verify up to ½ billion people world-wide, including the major developed nations of North America, Western Europe and Australia.

Anticipating the rising problem of identity fraud in 2003, GB Group began working with BT to develop a purpose-built ID verification system that could verify the actual identity of a new customer at the point of engagement. This application – URU™ - is now the UK’s leading electronic ID verification service.

According to CIFAS nearly 50% of fraud is committed after account opening. Using ID3 technology, clients have seen identity fraud reduce by as much as 40% and operating costs are halved thanks to the 'straight-through processing' capability of our solutions. And the speed at which the ID check is performed (less than one second for most applications) means that the overall customer experience is actually enhanced, leading to higher customer conversion rates.

Working with agencies such as the DVLA, the ID3 engine within URU is able to check the authenticity of common proofs of ID including a driving licence or passport. It can perform an algorithmic check on a passport (of nearly 200 different nationalities) or driver’s licence number to verify that the document is not counterfeit. It can also utilise an electricity bill as part of its electronic checking capability.

As such, URU is the market’s leading ID fraud application – winning The Banker Magazine’s 'Compliance Solution of the Year' in 2005.

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ID3™ ID3™ is the GB Group's flagship technology for the verification and management of consumer identity. It powers several applications including: ID3-Check Online ID verification for more than ½ billion citizens world-wide. Includes ability to screen against sanctions databases and to authenticate common proofs of ID such as passports. ID3-ProcessManager Rapid application development software that enables clients to optimise the entire customer sigh-up process in order to maximise conversion rates. Includes ability to link together multiple technologies and applications through a single interface. URU Award-winning online identity verification for UK citizens, Includes ability to screen against sanctions databases and to authenticate common proofs of ID such as a passport, driver’s licence or utility bill. Brochure: » Reducing_the_Cost_of_Compliance_with_URU.pdf 162.6 kb (Adobe Acrobat Document) www.knowyourcustomer.co.uk The UK's first 'self-service' ID verification website aimed at helping small businesses and those companies that only need to check small volumes of customers adopt the same rigorous approach to KYC as larger corporates. Scheduled for launch in December 2006. » More about: www.knowyourcustomer.co.uk
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