21 October 2019

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55 Baker Street, London, W1U 7EU, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 203 287 3258

Company information

Apply Financial Ltd was founded in November 2010 with the aim of providing flexible low cost payment validation tools from a self service portal. With offices in London, San Francisco, Sofia and Manila, Apply are able to offer a 24/7 support service because payments never sleep.

Apply Financial's range of self service payments solutions include Payments Validation, Enrichment and IBAN Conversion tools, along with easy to deploy API's for in house integration and a seamless user experience. Apply's Validate self service solution is provided with fully integrated payment reference data sourced from SWIFTRef and other code authorities to provide the best source of information. This data is updated daily and trusted by leading global banks and other non-financial institutions. Apply Financial's innovative approach to delivering sophisticated cloud based services means customers access the services they need, in the format they want, 24/7. This brings significant cost savings, operational benefits and enhanced customer relationships. Apply Financial, simplifying payments.

Products and services

Payment Validation Our easy to use Cloud solution called Validate will help you either automatically (API) or manually enter payment details correctly first time saving you time and money, reducing the hassle of non-payments, managing payment compliance and improving customer relationships.

VALIDATE for payments validation comes in 2 flavours:
  • VALIDATE for manual payment validation and enrichment
  • VALIDATE API to integrate payment validation and enrichment
  • Powerful payments validation tools delivered as API's
  • Check and enrich domestic, SEPA or global payment
  • Simple to deploy and low entry cost
  • Significantly lower the risk of payment failure
VALIDATE for IBAN conversion Our cloud solution Validate Converter provides single and bulk bank account and BBAN conversion into IBANs. This ensures that not only is your data SEPA ready but also allows you to migrate domestic data to the new IBAN standards for non-EU countries adopting the IBAN format.
  • Single to large number accounts conversion
  • Provide easy SEPA migration process
  • Conversion to New IBAN format
  • Correct IBAN formats for countries outside EU
VALIDATE for payment files Validate is designed to update, check and fix payment files in real time and identify any single payment instruction that might fail, incur charges and impact on your STP. We also offer a Bank Master file updater for SAP systems as part of the Validate payment file range of solutions.
  • CHECK and FIX to check your payment files prior to sending to the bank or through your payment gateway.
  • UPDATER for SAP bank master files.

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