30 August 2016
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13 Austin Friars, London, EC2N 2HE, United Kingdom

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Impendium provides Regulatory Applications to financial and non-financial organizations throughout the world. We also provide regulatory expertise, consultancy & bespoke solutions.

We have a proven track record of providing solutions to both European and US banks and have experts on hand to help you assess the impact of regulations on your business and the technical challenges you may face.

Impendium track regulations throughout the world and offer applications that enable your organization to be compliant. We offer comprehensive solutions for regulations such as MiFID, Solvency II and EMIR in Europe and are currently developing solutions for Dodd-Frank and Form PF in the US.

Our flagship out-of-the-box regulatory applications are designed by regulatory experts to specifically meet the increasingly complex demands of financial regulation. Built on our Elements Platform they are designed to…
• Enable the capture of information across asset classes, platforms and teams
• Provide a 'single view' of regulation reporting
• Be configurable to suit your immediate needs and IT Landscape
• Be non-intrusive to your day-to-day business
• Demonstrate to regulators appropriate process control & governance is in place
• Be secure, scalable & track regulatory changes as they happen

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