22 April 2024

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17-19 Rochester Row, Westminster, London, SW1P 1JB, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 8456 077 466

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Capita is the UK's leading provider of customer and business process management. We play a key role in our clients operations delivering customer, administration and professional support services.

We work in both the public and private sectors reengineering client operations by delivering unique and cost effective services that provide better experiences for our clients and their customers. We don't just design these services, we also deliver them.

Capita's IT professional services apply technology to drive through business change. We design innovative end-to-end solutions to ensure that your business programmes deliver what you need, whilst also maximising quality and reducing risk and cost.

Drawing on our vast experience of working with financial institutions, we work closely with our clients to deliver positive business change through IT.
Whether you need to ensure your programme delivers what the business expects, implement new web applications, or make certain that supporting data is effectively managed and integrated, we support all levels of IT maturity to assure the quality of your systems.

For more details visit our website: www.capita-itps.co.uk

Products and services

Business and technical consultancy Ensuring transformational programmes deliver the desired business outcomes, creating sustainable business change to deliver long term improvements.

Our functional and technical experts translate client requirements into appropriate lifecycle services from concept through analysis, technical design, build, testing and implementation.
» More about: Business and technical consultancy Data solutions Our suite of value driven services comprehensively supports enterprise-wide data lifecycle requirements.

Our expertise encompasses data warehousing and business intelligence, data quality management, data security management, data architecture analysis, test data and design services.
» More about: Data solutions Application Lifecycle Management Our services ensure that you get value for money from your software from inception through to the end of the application's life.

We help you to leverage as much as possible from your investment by bringing together platforms, processes and teams to drive improvements, overseeing development, integration and release management.
Security A full range of security services across three key areas:
  • Security governance and compliance: Consultancy that delivers recommendations and solutions for the improvement of your formal security position (includes PCI, HMG security compliance and ISO27001)
  • Solution design review: Providing Information security consultancy into design reviews to ensure the appropriate controls are integral to the implementation of IT systems
  • Security testing: Internal and external vulnerability scanning of IT systems and recommending processes to address weaknesses
» More about: Security Programme and project management Services designed to assess and improve programme and project management measured against best practice including:
  • Project and programme management
  • Project and programme management office delivery and support
  • Programme recovery
» More about: Programme and project management Governance and assurance We provide specialist solutions that establish an effective governance framework, allowing you to deliver high quality projects and programmes on time with reduced cost and risk.

An effective governance framework defines organisational structures, processes, leadership, roles and responsibilities to ensure that enterprise IT investments are aligned and delivered in accordance with enterprise strategies and objectives.
» More about: Governance and assurance Testing We offer the full spectrum of functional and non-functional testing services geared towards achieving positive business outcomes for clients. We act as a catalyst for change, not only improving governance and systems quality early in the lifecycle, but also reducing risk and delivery cost.

The services support organisations at all levels of IT maturity, assuring the suitability and quality of systems. Our approach is based on tried and tested methods, aligned with industry best practice.
» More about: Testing SAP®, Oracle® and other ERP systems We provide full project lifecycle services for the design, build, testing and implementation of ERP business solutions on to an existing system or for a new implementation.

When engaging with prospective customers we lead with business transformation, focusing on people, process and technology. We then design and implement a robust technical solution that delivers and enables full business transformation.
» More about: SAP®, Oracle® and other ERP systems Web application services Whether you need an online banking system, a commercial website, a social media application or a seamless mobile solution, we are experts at translating your business requirements into highly efficient on-screen realities. We handle the entire process, from initial strategy to information architecture, user experience design and testing, all the way through to secure and reliable hosting. » More about: Web application services Commercial models Whether you are looking for flexibility, shared risk, specific outcomes or fixed costs, we understand that you want more from your supplier and have put together a range of models that demonstrate our commitment to you and your project.

These include:
  • Time and materials - Traditional commercial approach
  • Fixed price - Predefined pricing
  • Hybrid model - Pick and mix (the best of both worlds)
  • Shared risk/reward - Transfer of accountability for mutual benefit
  • Outcomes based - Payment against predefined outcomes
» More about: Commercial models Delivery models We offer a range of service delivery approaches:
  • Novus - Flexible on-shore test analysts, .NET and Java developers, carefully selected and trained by experts
  • Staff augmentation - Individuals or small teams with expertise at all levels and technologies
  • Managed projects - A defined team structure which can be adapted to client requirements and measured against clear milestones or KPIs
  • Managed service - Underpinned by agreed service levels that drive through measurable efficiencies and can be implemented for individual projects
  • Outsourcing- As a flexible and committed outsourcing partner, we will take complete responsibility, allowing you to improve service levels and manage costs over the longer term
» More about: Delivery models Locations We offer a full range of services either in the UK, from our near-shore facility in Poland, or offshore in India.

Our solutions are not just about reducing costs, they are about optimising quality and service, providing continual process improvement and strong operational management.

We engage as a single team no matter where we work from.

We deliver seamless and flexible services with committed outcomes.

For more information about our range of services visit our website: www.capita-itps.co.uk

Contact us about any of our services by emailing us: info.at@capita.co.uk
» More about: Locations
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