28 March 2023

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68 King William Street, London, EC4N 7DZ, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7959 2400
Telephone: +1 646-300-6800
Notes: Acquired by SunGard in January 2013

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XSP is the global leader in end-to-end Corporate Actions automation solutions for the global financial services industry. Accredited with the SWIFTReady Corporate Actions Label, the XSP® platform is SWIFT ISO 15022 compliant and proven to mitigate the operational risks and costs associated with Corporate Actions processing. XSP offers a flexible menu of options including large scale, multi-tenant enterprise deployments, Cloud Managed Hosting or SaaS environment via our new XSPrisa™ product. The XSP GO! Product Suite is one of the latest innovative offerings addressing many new product and technology initiatives around Cloud Computing, Mobile Delivery and Social Networking Collaboration which facilitate automating of the last mile in the global Corporate Actions processing chain. XSP is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has achieved a Microsoft Competency in ISV/Software Solutions.

Products and services

XSP v5 Corporate Actions Platform Flagship solution automating the end-to-end Corporate Actions processing lifecycle. Modules include:
  • XSP v5 Data Management & Scrubbing Module: Captures, scrubs and validates data from a multitude of vendors and custodian sources to create the 'golden copy'/composite record.
  • XSP v5 SWIFT ISO Messaging Module: Enables users to accept and generate SWIFT ISO formatted messages for accurate communication of Corporate Actions notices, instructions, confirmations and entitlements.
  • XSP v5 Entitlements Module: Interfaces with existing back-office or accounting systems, enabling financial institutions to automate their entire calculation of Corporate Action entitlements.
  • XSP v5 Notifications & Responses Module: Automates the creation and delivery of Corporate Actions notifications within a decision maker's designated account, book or portfolio.
  • XSP v5 Archive Viewer Module: Enables users to save and view records after the purging process.
  • XSP v5 Standing Instructions Module: Provides users with voting directions when account holders/interested parties do not provide any other response prior to a specified date.
  • eTRAN+: Leverages the XSP GO! framework to provide a customisable user interface to manage notification and response capture and tracking, enabling decision-makers to view details of Corporate Actions impacting their accounts and submit instructions.
  • XSP Report Toolkit: Allows users to prepare a set of dynamic and interactive reports to gather business intelligence information and analyse Corporate Actions.
  • XSP v5 Trades and Positions Module: Offers further enhanced functional capabilities to deal with different processing rules for various position types, enabling users to better reflect actual eligible positions.
  • XSP v5 Headline Indices: Provides a means of linking Indices (or similar lists of reference data) to one or more securities within the XSP system. The system exposes a new "Index" queue type that can be used to workflow any Corporate Action linked to an Index through its security. Any Corporate Action linked in this way will be displayed only in the Index queues rather than in the Corporate Action queues.
XSPrisa Pay-as-you-go, subscription-based model leveraging the power and agility of the XSP v5 platform, simplifying the Corporate Actions process, instantly and inexpensively. Leveraging economies of scale with technology, the XSPrisa SaaS offering provides clients with the ability to tailor their consumption of the solution whilst reducing operational overhead and capital expenditure. With XSPrisa, firms experience higher levels of productivity and efficiency at a cost that fits the way they do business. Users are able to address the complexities of the Corporate Actions management process whilst speeding up return on investment and reducing many of the barriers and hurdles normally associated with the acquisition and management of enterprise software. » More about: XSPrisa XSP GO! Product Suite Features customisable user interface components for key functions within the XSP platform. Solutions include Dashboards, Widgets and Mobile app.
  • XSP GO! Dashboards: XSP's portal for compositing UI using widgets, GO! widgets combine the strength of eTRAN+ with the ease of our efficient toolbar.
  • XSP GO! Widgets: Built on existing v5 core services, these individual, single purpose applications provide low impact widgets that are simple to create.
  • XSP GO! Mobile: Extends the unique capabilities of the XSP GO! product onto a mobile platform. This state-of-the-art tool allows clients to view Corporate Actions notifications and submit elections against those Corporate Actions for downstream processing.
XSPression A social collaboration network providing access to an exclusive enterprise social platform where all XSP clients can communicate and collaborate on the complex processing of Corporate Actions activities and discuss cross-industry topics. This social platform allows members to engage in networking opportunities internally within their own operations teams as well as externally with other XSP clients and industry peers. XSP Professional Services Offers services in areas including: Business Process Optimisation and Impact Analysis; Certification Programs and Product Knowledge Sessions; Specialised Reporting Development; Database Administration and Maintenance; Network Administration and Systems Architecture. XSP v5 Cloud Hosting Offers financial institutions with a cloud option (vs. an enterprise on-premises deployment), powered by our partner, Tier 3. Multi-Tenant Architecture Globally-distributed organisation with several different business lines can benefit from leveraging off of a single platform and instance of the XSP v5 solution across the entire enterprise.
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