18 October 2019
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35, rue Chanzy, Paris, 75011, France
Telephone: +33 (0)1 44 93 24 24

Company information

Since 1991, MCC is one of the leading independent suppliers of high-quality IT electronic trading solutions & services for the Derivatives, Fixed-Incomes, Equities, Forex and News markets. MCC is an ISV approved by MTS and Eurex, and we develop partnerships among others with Reuters® and Risk Metrics Group.

MCC builds long term relationships with its customers: providing a high-performance, open, flexible, customisable and cost effective solution; allowing them to focus on their core business and enabling professional operators to successfully manage trading activities on electronic markets.

We are commited to high reliability and business oriented solutions and provide greater ROI better than simply a technological expertise. MCC's products offer a true added value to the full trade life cycle. From pre-trade to post-trade, MCC offers a full range of superior solutions. Our proprietary software, MiG, is the solution of the largest investment banks worldwide. We also provide related consulting & support services, implementation, training and software development.

Markets we serve:

    Fixed income
  • Bondvision
  • Bloomberg
  • BrokerTec
  • Emid
  • Eurex
  • CBoT
  • CME
  • Euronext-LIFFE
  • Euronext VE
  • EBS
    Data Vendors
  • Reuters
  • AFP

Products and services

MIG Feed Handler Receives and supplies real-time data, orders and trades within the trading room. Provides a "live & direct" data feed.

  • Low latency: MiG Feed Handler system latency averages at 2 milliseconds or less, a cache mechanism ensures fast supply of data on request.
  • Efficient stale management: The MiG Feed Handler Cache is purged of stale data when an interruption or a malfunction of the market feed occurs.
  • Monitoring system: Shows current status of market connection; current status of the market data system interface or publisher connection; size of currency instruments cached; full system and market data logging.
  • Ease of installation: Runs on a Unix server implementation; configuration only; no bespoke programming required; connects directly to markets via native connections provided by exchanges.
  • Runs on the most popular platforms: RMDS, Triarch and TIBMDS.

MIG Line Manager Sends orders and concludes deals with your custom automation. It is an open order management platform.

  • Upgrades your current real-time desktop to a true trading user interface to send, manage and cancel orders according to target market rules; provides persistence to manage the whole life cycle of any kind of order supported by the market exchanges.
  • Ready to run samples, integrated into Reuters 3000Xtra or Excel; full functional source code template and samples are provided making customisation quickly available.
  • Complex workflow management to meet your specific rules requirements such as "request for quote" mechanism (buy to sell side interaction then sell side to market dealing).
  • Quality of service: Support of load balancing, warm/cold restart features included.
  • FIX Protocol, TIBCO RendezVous, IBM MQSeries (WebSphere).

MIG Contract Server Ahead for STP solutions, automates executed deals entry.

  • Connects on market to subscribe to executed deals: Pushes executed deals data into the corporation middleware for integration into a middle/back office system.
  • EAI enabled to map data into heterogeneous target systems: Integrated built-in mapping/formatting functionality; structured output message oriented to be processed by EAI tools to perform high level data integration; XSLT embedded to provide XML streams; provides FIX representation.
  • Quality of Service: Hot stand-by feature; data persistence for reload/replay needs.
  • FIX Server 4.0 - 4.4, FixML, TIBCO RendezVous, IBM MQSeries (WebSphere).

MIG Quote Server Market optimised quoting from a single contribution system. Automates and publishes real-time proposals for the best & fastest market making.
  • Ready to use with your current pricing and contribution system, forwarding to a multi-contribution market making process.
  • Optimized to trap duplicate inserts on the market, sending only relevant pricing events.
  • Cache gives market status on quote, can be used to manage market rules.
  • Upgrade a platform at any time by adding appropriate components.
  • Quality of service: Fault tolerant on multiple systems; scalability thanks to the Market Data System (RMDS rv bus); subscribes to source RICS through Native RendezVous, SASS3 (RMDS, TIBMDS), SASS2 (TIBMDS) or SSL (Triarch) Layer.

Multi-contribution MIG Quote Server RMDS For multi-contribution systems. Seperate quote servers can simultaneously be sourced from the same set of source rics or pricers, needing only one single message to trigger multi-contribution.

  • Scalability & Flexibility: Easy modular expansion from single to multi-vendor contribution; warrants data coherency for several contribution targets; flexible mapping between input and output data; format transformations from records to rics.
  • Fully integrated to RMDS: Natively conceived and built for RMDS/TibcoRV architectures; only a few new elements to add on your existing infrastructure; easy to install and efficient management system.
  • Management & Control: Powerful features for audit trails.
  • High Throughput: Updates optimised through conflation when required; intelligent load balancing.
  • Security & Reliability: One type message reduces risk of errors; fully fault-tolerant software, high robustness.
  • Wide Coverage: Extensive products of more than 10 different data handlers.

MIGUI Trading Platform MCC Implementation Graphical User Interface is an automated trading platform.

  • A single easy to use web-based front-end is used to interact with all the MCC components & applications. The integrated all-in-one solution provides pricing engine, trading & auto-quoting and virtual markets from a single trading screen. Starting with a standard base configuration, customers may select various options from a list of technology services.

EasyRTX EasyRTX is a real-time front-office user interface companion.

  • Processes and publishes enhanced real-time data; improves data aggregation and comparison; enables quick design and set up of sophisticated pricers and internal publishers for the trading room.
  • Seamless effort to develop trading room applications using spreadsheet calculator; links with other workstation/desktop applications and languages; very simple API to accelerate development cycle, allows for focus on functional code & tests; very short learning curve.

Iris Iris is a software interfacing risk management (position keeping) system or back-office system, for the credit manager and risk manager Value At Risk systems (designed by the RMG).

  • Iris K+RM provides an interface from Kondor+ (Reuters) to Risk Manager (RMG).
  • Iris Development Kit is a complementary tool to the Iris interface between Reuter's Kondor+ Risk Management tool and RiskManager's Value At Risk Application. Iris DK allows users to develop and integrate specific methods of extractions of positions from Kondor+ to RM.

FeedBank FeedBank allows easy integration of real-time RMDS market data into back office applications (valuation).

  • Integrates market data (spot, quotes, trades, yield/volatility curves
  • Enables post-trade monitoring for compliance purposes (conformity with internal, external rules).
  • Quality of Service: FIX data persistence for reload/replay needs; configurable messages; snapshot or tick by tick; stand alone or fault tolerance.

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