26 May 2024

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Unit 16F, Maynooth Business Campus, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Telephone: +353 1 629 2141

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Sentenial is a specialist provider of SEPA payment solutions for banks and corporates across Europe.

With recognised expertise and the most comprehensive SEPA payment offering available, Sentenial is the trusted choice of leading European banks and over 500 corporate customers.

As one of the longest standing providers of SEPA solutions, Sentenial provides a full suite of offerings - whether the need is for rapid on-boarding to Sentenial’s SEPA payments service (SaaS) or a fully installed end-to-end system.

Sentenial’s award-winning solutions remove the complexity of payments - making SEPA simple.

Operational since 2003, Sentenial has regional sales and support offices in Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium and the U.K.

Products and services

Origix Corporate Origix Corporate is a hosted SEPA payment and mandate management service that includes end-to-end functionality making SEPA adoption easy for your corporate customers. You can immediately provide the functionality of Origix Corporate to your customers by partnering with Sentenial. This allows you to offer a comprehensive service without making a large upfront investment.
  • Support for SEPA core and B2B schemes
  • Mandate migration & management
  • Support legacy file formats for Eurozone
  • Available white-labelled or co-branded
» More about: Origix Corporate Origix IP Origix IP is a hosted SEPA solution which allows you to immediately offer your IP bank customers a comprehensive service that makes them instantly SEPA compliant. Origix IP is available on a partnership model which best positions you to bring the service to market quickly.
  • Support for SEPA B2B and B2C schemes
  • Customer self-service GUI
  • Usage-based billing that ensures costs reflect actual volumes
  • Support for SWIFT, SFTP and HTTPS connections
  • Reporting suite that provides for the reconciliation of each IP
» More about: Origix IP EuroDebit EuroDebit is an end-to-end SEPA direct debit solution that provides benefits at every step of the payment process and for every participant.

Each product within the EuroDebit suite is designed to comprehensively address your complete direct debit needs, ensuring efficient and cost-effective processing of payments, enhanced customer experience and reduced risk.

Debtor banks
EuroDebit Debtor Account Manager (DAM) is a SEPA direct debit receiving solution that ensures debtor banks are comprehensively and confidently ready to receive SEPA direct debits.

EuroDebit SEPA Ready2Receive (R2R) is a functionally light version of DAM that allows you to meet mandatory rulebook requirements today and scale up to the more comprehensive functionality of DAM as demand grows.

Creditor banks
EuroDebit Enterprise Origination Manager (EOM) is a XML-ready direct debit acquiring platform that provides full handling of SEPA ISO20022 files.
» More about: EuroDebit Sentenial Product Modules Mandate migration
  • Conversion of existing data to SEPA standards including BIC/IBAN conversion
  • Automatic customer notification of conversion of data to SEPA
  • Scanning, dematerialisation and archival of mandates

Mandate management
  • Mandate details generated from electronically provided data
  • Manual entry of debtor details onto a mandate
  • 'New mandate pack' printed and posted to debtor
  • Signed mandate scanned and dematerialised

Transaction Management
  • Support for legacy communications standards and file formats
  • Data conversion and enrichment using mandate database
  • Automatic notification and re-presentation of failed collections

SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT)
  • Initiate and view progress of Credit Transfers
  • Full payment overview with recall function
  • Delivery of SEPA format to the user's bank
  • Rapid deployment with Software as a Service approach

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