27 September 2023

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121 W Wacker Drive, Suite 2050, Chicago, IL, 60601, United States
Telephone: +1 312 766 4001
Telephone: +32 2 609 97 00
Asia Pacific
Telephone: +65 6323 09 06

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Integrity and trust for digital agreements and transactions

At OneSpan, we specialize in digital identity and anti-fraud solutions that create exceptional and secure experiences.

We are a global leader in providing high-assurance identity verification, transaction signing, authentication, mobile security, simplified e-signature workflows, and secure video collaboration for virtual transactions. Our solutions enable trust that ensures the integrity of the people and artifacts associated with digital agreements and transactions across banking, financial services, healthcare, and professional services. 

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FRAUD PREVENTION Despite significant investments in prevention, fraud continues to be a threat. Through advanced phishing techniques, rogue applications, and sophisticated malware, fraudsters are targeting banking applications and the traditional patchwork quilt of disparate fraud solutions just isn't cutting it. Meanwhile, today's users demand a seamless experience with no challenging security hurdles.

OneSpan offers risk analytics, mobile application shielding, and multi-factor authentication solutions that combine to achieve the twin goals of mitigating fraud and supporting growth.
» More about: FRAUD PREVENTION RISK ANALYTICS OneSpan Risk Analytics helps financial institutions combat fraud, faster. This solution detects known and emerging fraud across digital channels. Powered by machine learning, it analyzes vast amounts of user, device, and transaction data in real time to provide the most comprehensive risk assessment. » More about: RISK ANALYTICS APP SHIELDING Upon detecting malicious activity, an app protected by app shielding and mobile RASP will modify its behavior in real time to interrupt potential attacks. Response actions include blocking execution of injected code, notifying security administrators, and terminating the infected app to stop the execution of a compromised app. » More about: APP SHIELDING MOBILE SECURITY SUITE Natively integrate security, authentication and electronic signing into your Android and iOS apps with OneSpan Mobile Security Suite-an all-in-one toolkit for developers. » More about: MOBILE SECURITY SUITE AUTHENTICATION Authentication methods that depend on more than one factor are more difficult to compromise than single-factor methods. Accordingly, properly designed and implemented multifactor authentication methods are more reliable and stronger fraud deterrents than outdated single-factor username/password authentication. » More about: AUTHENTICATION TRANSACTION SIGNING When dealing in payments, wire transfers, or other high-value online and mobile banking transactions, verifying and signing the transaction is of paramount importance. Social engineering schemes and banking Trojans enable Man-in-the-middle and other sophisticated attacks. This allows hackers to alter the details of a transaction, change the value, and reroute it to an imposter, without the customer noticing.

When initiated by the bank through an encrypted method, a transaction signing request gives customers a secure means to confirm transaction details before authorizing the transaction.

OneSpan's patented Cronto technology simplifies transaction signing with an easy, intuitive experience. Built on best practices, our review-and-approve experience is the most convenient way to protect high value transactions.
» More about: TRANSACTION SIGNING ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES Built on 25 years of best-in-class e-signature capabilities to ensure the most seamless and secure user experience. Whether you're looking for an out-of-the-box e-signature solution or API / SDK to integrate e-signing into your apps, OneSpan Sign has you covered. » More about: ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES
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