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18 Place des Philosophes, Geneva, CH 1205, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 22 708 1414
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Company information

Founded in 1993 and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX: TEMN), Temenos Group AG is the market leading provider of banking software systems to retail, corporate, universal, private, Islamic and microfinance & community banks. Headquartered in Geneva and with more than 60 offices in 41 countries, Temenos serves over 1,000 financial institutions in more than 125 countries across the world.

According to IBS Intelligence, which maintains an annual league table, TEMENOS T24 has been the first or second best selling core banking solution for the last 12 years and in 2010 was the best selling solution for the fourth year in a row. Forrester ranks Temenos as one of only two global power sellers (Forrester Global Banking Platform Deals Report 2009) and Temenos has been the winner every year since its launch of the Best Core Banking Product in Banking Technology magazine’s Readers' Choice Awards.

Temenos customers are proven to be more profitable than their peers: analysis on data from The Banker1 – top 1000 banks shows that Temenos customers enjoy a 62% higher return on capital, a 54% higher return on assets and a cost/income ratio that is 7.2 points lower than non-Temenos customers.

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Products and services

Software Portfolio Temenos is a banking software specialist, with its award winning T24 core banking platform at the heart of its solution portfolio. Our consistently high annual investment in research and development enables us to constantly invest in new technology, functionality and in meeting new regulatory requirements, allowing us to deliver products that are consistently 'state of the art'.

We are committed to open standards and work in partnership with the industry leading hardware, database and middleware solution providers to ensure that our software is available on and optimised for a wider range of technology platforms than any other core banking vendor.
We believe that the open architecture approach and leaving the choice of platform to our customers, enables them to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership and to leverage existing skills, investments or vendor relationships in order to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Core Banking

TEMENOS CoreBanking
TEMENOS CoreBanking (TCB) is a contemporary functionally-rich core banking platform, deployed on IBM mainframe technology and designed around IBM's Information Framework (IFW) industry banking model, to maximise re-use, eliminate duplication and minimise redundancy. TCB is used by the world's largest mass market retail banks, who given their scale can achieve significant competitive advantage by having total control of their software assets. It is designed to enable application components to be implemented independently, allowing banks to transition from their evolved, fragmented and highly complex legacy processing environments on a step-by-step incremental basis.

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T24 is the world's most widely used core banking system and provides a technically advanced, SOA-based front-to-back platform for banks in over 125 countries, from small community banks to large retail banks with over 15 million accounts.

T24 is a modular, functionally rich, fully integrated, real-time banking application, that has revolutionised the core banking system industry by removing the need for end-of-day processing and enabling 24/7/365 online operation. The flexible, open technical architecture, combined with the richness of functionality of the solution enables banks to respond to evolving market needs, providing core competitiveness for the future.

T24 is available as a model bank implementation, with pre-configured services and best practice banking processes and workflows built in, to allow for an easier, more cost effective and low risk out-of-the-box implementation; or a more tailored approach for customers preferring

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Providing Specialist Solutions For Each Banking Industry Sector

Our single domain focus and expertise allows us to provide specialist solutions for the following banking vertical sectors:

T24 For Retail Banking
T24 is used to support more than 250 retail banking operations ranging from the largest international banking groups to community banks and new start-ups. T24 offers full retail functionality, from the front through to the back office, including CRM and product lifecycle management. Unparalleled scalability and resilience is combined with total customer centricity.

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T24 For Corporate And Wholesale Banking
T24 provides integrated support on a single global real-time platform to corporate and wholesale banks offering services to professional and corporate clients. T24 enables banks to introduce new business models quickly and add value to their client relationships. Support includes coverage of trade finance, cash management, payments and payments repair, corporate and syndicated lending, and delinquency management.

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T24 For Islamic Banking
T24 is a best-of-breed Islamic banking system, which is both Shariah-compliant and commercially flexible. T24 supports organisations which operate solely on Islamic principles, as well as allowing conventional banks to operate Islamic windows with a separate balance sheet, but within the same environment. T24 enables banks to adopt one core system to address all aspects of both conventional and Islamic banking and is well-suited to most retail, corporate, investment and universal banking operations. T24 is rich with best practice processes and pre-configured products that support Murabaha financing and commodity Murabaha for retail and corporate clients, diminishing Musharaka, operating and financing Ijara, Tawaruq, Qard Hasan, Bai Al Salam, Istisna'a and Parallel Istisna'a, trade finance processing & financing contracts, profit management system to manage unrestricted investment accounts. In addition to Sukuk, commodity Murabaha, reverse Murabaha and FX for bank treasury.

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T24 For Microfinance And Community Banking
Temenos has developed an additional layer of functionality that can be applied to any T24 implementation, which presents pre-configured features, products and reporting specific to microfinance and community banking (MCB). T24 MCB supports the specific operational and processing requirements of organisations engaged in retail, community and microfinance banking in emerging markets: micro lending institutions, smaller retail banks, large commercial microfinance institutions (MFIs) and global networks of financial intermediaries and Credit Unions. T24 MCB is used by more than 100 clients, many with multiple sites, in over 35 countries.

More about T24 For Microfinance And Community Banking

T24 For Universal Banking
T24 supports banks which deliver a wide range of products and services across retail and corporate banking. T24 offers an extraordinary breadth and depth of functionality across all channels, giving the universal bank the ability to offer products and services which compete with more specialised banks, together with the agility and flexibility required to compete with large international banks. T24's inherent scalability allows banks with many overseas branches to enjoy the benefits of a centralised production facility and product factory, whilst maintaining local front office functionality.

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Private Wealth Management

Temenos has provided superior banking systems to private banks since 1993. Our solutions support the widest range of investment products and include advanced investment analytics, portfolio performance measurement and portfolio rebalancing. We can offer a superior combination of processing and powerful analytics for discretionary, advisory and execution only business on a multi-channel basis

T24 For Private Wealth Management
A fully integrated multi channel front to back office private wealth system, covering all the products and processes offered by a private bank. T24 For Private Wealth Management offers comprehensive CRM and portfolio management facilities, full middle and back office support and an unparalleled breadth of product coverage. More sophisticated portfolio management and modelling functionality is available to clients through an optional interface to Triple'A Plus.

More about T24 For Private Wealth Management

Triple'A Plus
A best of breed standalone front and middle office portfolio management system, offering sophisticated portfolio management and modelling functionality, such as performance attribution and portfolio risk to high net worth and ultra high net worth clients.

Triple'A Plus

A comprehensive front end client-centric wealth management desktop offering client management and portfolio management functionality to mass affluent and high net worth clients.

WealthManager is designed to provide a realtime,360o view of the client using aggregated information from different sources. It comprises a suite of components that can be combined flexibly to create solutions for all market segments to give client advisers a rounded view of their clients, which enables them to offer superior service.


ProDB is an enterprise data management solution that automatically optimises the quality of master data (e.g. statics, corporate actions, pricing data) to reduce the costs and risk associated with managing increasing volumes of data required to comply with regulatory change. Based on a highly sophisticated rules engine ProDB validates and consolidates reference data from international and local data providers and dispatches consistent data ("a golden copy") to user-defined systems across the organisation.


Temenos Front Office Solutions


provides the front office capabilities for T24, based on its multi-channel architecture and focusing on technologies which support client-facing staff in delivering a differentiated customer experience, whilst also providing a consistent level of service across different electronic distribution channels.
  • ARC Branch - In the branch ARC offers specialised teller functionality and device support, including off-line processing to ensure reliable customer service and access for branch staff to all client information through a 'single customer view'. Branch managers benefit from branch-level access to very flexible business intelligence technology to assist with understanding client needs and managing branch targets.
  • ARC Internet - On the internet ARC provides the widest possible access to banking functions across retail, corporate and private banking, supported by a scalable and extremely secure internet banking infrastructure.
  • ARC Mobile - On mobile devices ARC enables banks to offer a combination of highly flexible banking and payments solutions on the widest range of devices and in different channel modes, including SMS, browser and downloadable applications. Functionally rich, highly secure and scalable, ARC Mobile offers integrated m-commerce capability that allows banks to extend their mobile service beyond banking, interfacing with retailers and other payment channels to transform the handset into a point of sale device.
  • ARC Call Centre - In the call centre ARC has an open architecture which enables the single customer view to be combined with third party interactive voice response (IVR) and computer telephony integration (CTI) technologies.
  • ARC ATM - ARC provides a standard ISO 8583 interface to enable the rapid integration of third party ATM/POS switch technologies.
  • ARC Origination - ARC offers the ability to originate a variety of banking products using PW, T24's process workflow engine to ensure maximum flexibility in building and periodically fine-tuning effective origination processes.
  • ARC CRM - ARC provides fully integrated support for identifying opportunities and managing prospects, by combining a combination of operational and analytical CRM with marketing campaign management capabilities.

Front Office

T24 Biometrics enables the positive identification of employees and clients through "one touch" biometric identification for any T24 transaction. This allows banks to cost-effectively launch new products, serve customers in emerging markets, decrease time at the teller in branch operations and meet regulatory compliance guidelines for multi-factor authentication.


Business Intelligence, Risk Management And Compliance

Our Insight solutions provide a browser-based approach to management reporting that is flexible and intuitive for users, enabling them to perform their own data analysis without the need for the involvement of IT to develop new data extracts and reports. Insight takes data from the core banking system and delivers it back intelligently to those that need it.
  • Insight Financial Intelligence
    Insight Financial Intelligence comprises a financial performance module, providing integrated financial management, budgeting and reporting capability, including balance sheet and P&L reporting. It can be used to build, run and electronically distribute reports throughout the bank, which can be viewed in the Insight browser, made available as spreadsheet data and analysed in multi-dimensional pivot tables. Built on the latest Microsoft technology, Insight Financial Intelligence has been fully integrated with T24 to work without the need for extensive consultation, data mapping or development.
  • Insight Risk Intelligence
    Insight Risk Intelligence is an enterprise-wide risk management tool, which supports the Basel II and III regulations and economic capital approaches as a baseline framework. Integrated with T24, financial institutions can fine-tune capital requirements to maximize economic and financial returns, as well as manage regulatory capital, market analytics and Asset & liability Management (ALM).

The AML suite of products delivers sophisticated screening and profiling functionality to mitigate anti-money laundering risk:
  • AML Watch provides a cost effective watch list screening solution that is fully integrated with T24, designed for banks with smaller customer holdings and which process lower transaction volumes.
  • AML Screen gives far greater control of AML operations. In addition to providing an integrated watch list screening solution, it enables banks to manipulate and manage watch lists, and define screening rules. These enhanced tools help maximise the chances of identifying true positives whilst minimising instances of false positives, to achieve a more efficient and effective AML operation.
  • AML Profile delivers additional value, through understanding clients' activity, enabling the analysis of trends and behaviours both at sector level and with individual clients. AML Profile is fully configurable and can be adjusted to meet banks own risk profile requirement.



STeP Payments Repair
STeP Payments Repair (STeP) markedly improves straight through processing (STP) rates by automatically repairing and enriching messages, enabling payment transactions to be conducted electronically without the need for re-keying or manual intervention. STeP is based on artificial intelligence type technology combined with a unique Temenos banking community-generated knowledge base, which integrates seamlessly into payment platforms and operational systems.

STeP Payments Repair
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