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Sustainable Finance Live - Enabling positive change through innovation and collaboration

Sustainable Finance Live - Enabling positive change through innovation and collaboration

A Visual Record from the Sustainable Finance Live Conference and Hackathon 2022

Sustainable Finance Live returned for its fifth edition - and second in-person event - at Events@no6 in London on 29th November 2022.

Richard Peers, sustainable finance visionary, contributing editor at Finextra, and founder of Responsible Risk took to the stage to lead a programme of content, workshops, and experiments designed to create actionable ESG strategies and build the ecosystem of partnerships, which will turn strategy into reality.

The event saw over 100 attendees lean in, lean back, and learn by doing during the interactive parts of the day.

Leaders in the sustainable finance industry discussed the problem statements and solutions that are defining the sector today.

The main themes of the conference were data, risk, and financial instruments. Peers explored risk management through the lens of a self-driving car which can use its technology and sensors to move into either the fast or slow lane to avoid an upcoming crash that we cannot yet see.

He said: "The finance industry is still looking in the rear-view mirror, basing our risk decisions based on smaller historical analysis, which still of course has huge purpose.

"What we want to talk about is how can we actually bring all of the new dynamics in play, so that we can see the slow-motion car crash of climate change, biodiversity loss.

"We can think about what that means to our portfolios, and we can actually make the appropriate decisions."

Download a Visual Record of the event below to find out more.

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