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ISO 20022: How banks can avoid becoming a cautionary tale

ISO 20022: How banks can avoid becoming a cautionary tale

Transitioning to the ISO 20022 financial messaging standard has been high on the agenda for financial institutions for several years, but as deadlines loom, the true advantage of early adoption means institutions are facing new pressure to migrate, and to do so quickly.

By late 2022, institutions across the globe will have begun their migration to the new ISO 20022 financial messaging standard for high-value payments. SWIFT’s timeline delays have somewhat hindered the process for many institutions, but the project is resolutely on track for completion by 2025.

The benefits of transitioning to the data-rich standard are well documented, but executing the migration itself is relatively new territory for financial institutions and the counterparties that transact with them.

Financial organisations should approach their ISO 20022 projects with an honest view of the strengths and weaknesses of their existing infrastructure, so that avoidable mistakes remain just that.

Download your copy of this Finextra impact study, produced in association with OpenText, and find out about four key areas that institutions must address when approaching their ISO 20022 migration to avoid unnecessary complications, and instead build an infrastructure that caters to a data-led, customer-centric future.

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