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Future-Ready Payments Solutions: Remaining competitive with reusable technology

Future-Ready Payments Solutions: Remaining competitive with reusable technology

Over fifty years ago, when the original payment pioneers built electronic funds transfer (EFT) platforms to enable card services, they had a single use in mind. Reliable and secure card payments were achieved, but the architecture was so closely bound to card transactions that it is now becoming incompatible with today’s colourful payment universe. 

As mobile and contactless payments, Quick Response (QR) codes, digital currencies, Request to Pay (R2P), Real-Time Payments (RTP), Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) and peer-to-peer (P2P) payment applications take off, banks are forced to build separate in-house silos, in order to process these new payment types. Given a plethora of dedicated systems are already in place to process cash, cheque and card payments, management of these silos and ‘add-ons’ is becoming a complex undertaking.

Forward-looking banks are tackling this challenge by deploying modern payments platforms that are comprised of a set of re-useable services. These have the capacity to not only consolidate numerous payment schemes onto a single platform, but they can also future-proof businesses by facilitating easy adoption of new payment types.

As the payments race heats up – and banks wrestle with the emergence of new digital currencies, payment instruments, funding methods and payment types – those with the most agile, secure, and reusable platform will be rewarded with a strong competitive edge and improved margins from being able to control when, how deeply and how long to take part in any new payments venture.

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