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Onboarding next steps for new and established Digital Banks

Onboarding next steps for new and established Digital Banks

Customers want the onboarding and account opening process to be as easy as possible. A certain amount of friction is to be expected when it comes to identity and security checks, reassuring them that their prospective financial service provider takes security and their data seriously. Signing up for a new financial services product shouldn’t be as simple as providing a username and email address. But nor should it always require reams of paperwork, branch visits and forms signed in triplicate.

In the past five years, banks of all shapes and sizes have invested significantly in streamlining their processes so that the regulatory checks such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) can be met while minimising, where possible, the number of postal and in-branch interactions required for establishing identity and product suitability. Depending on the market segment and product, this process can be done 100% online and ideally via a mobile device – a channel that now dominates for even traditional banks with established, older customer bases.

Digital onboarding is just the start, however. Banks, both new and established, are looking to improve the integration of identity at onboarding with ongoing authentication credentials, and adopt a risk-based approach to security throughout the customer lifecycle that can adjust the balance between protection and convenience for customers.

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