Cameron Systems expands FIX capabilities

Source: Cameron Systems

Cameron Systems, the leading global provider of FIX protocol trading solutions, today announced during the SIA Conference the latest CameronFIX platform developments including the new CameronFIX Rules of Engagement tool, FIX History feature, CameronFIX FAST, further enhancements for FIX market data, expanded FIX exchange connectivity, and the upgrade to the new order entry NetTrader solution.

Cameron Systems President, Martin Koopman, states: "In the last twelve months our team of FIX developers has doubled in size and the amount of product development has dramatically increased. We are proud to announce at SIA a long list of new products, with more to come in the second half of the year. Now that we are owned by Orc Software, we can also offer market gateways to over 100 markets through FIX."

Latest FIX trading enhancements:

Rules of Engagement Tool

CameronFIX Rules of Engagement is a user-friendly, browser based tool used for identifying rules of engagement differences and altering FIX message content. Using the tool an analyst can easily connect to a new FIX counterparty in minutes, even when the counterparty uses a different ‘flavor’ of FIX. Through a browser, FIX tags can be intuitively moved, copied, replaced, deleted, or otherwise modified.

FIX History Database

CameronFIX History utilizes a relational database to store incoming and outgoing FIX message streams based on the FIX History Schema in near real-time. Fund Managers can use this database to analyze broker performance, response time and assess the overall level of service they are receiving. Brokers can analyze client trading patterns, accurately measure SLAs, and analyze pricing models using historical data. CameronFIX Trade Reports is an additional solution that runs on top of the FIX History database. This presents a set of standard reports and the ability to create custom reports.


Cameron Systems has worked closely with the FPL FAST initiative to integrate FAST into the CameronFIX Market Data Server.

Market Data over FIX

The CameronFIX Market Data Server provides the ability to streamline multiple market data feeds and convert them to a single FIX format. Market Data Server supports all asset classes including foreign exchange, equities and fixed income. Developed with easy-to-use, pluggable market data feed adaptors, the Market Data Server is shipped as a stand-alone product independent to the CameronFIX Universal Server. Market Data Server is also suitable for market data sources (exchanges, ECN’s, ATS’s) that want to offer FIX and FAST market data out to clients with extreme high performance and low latency.

FIX Exchange Connectivity

Cameron Systems has teamed with its global partners and Orc Software to provide FIX connectivity to 100+ Exchanges through FIX market gateways. Firms can trade and receive market data through FIX on more than 100 markets globally across equities, derivatives, FX and fixed income.

NetTrader Upgrade to Version 2

Ideal for small-medium Sell-side or Buy-side, the browser-based, easy to use order entry CameronFIX NetTrader has been upgraded to provide additional features including FIX session status indicators, import & export from MS Excel, localized language support, support for multiple desks and user customizable filters and alerts.

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