Charles River IMS embeds Sonic messaging

Source: Charles River Development

Charles River Development, a market-leading provider of software and services to over 200 global investment managers, has selected the SonicMQ® enterprise message system with Sonic Continuous Availability Architecture™ (CAA) to be embedded as the messaging infrastructure within the Charles River Investment Management System (Charles River IMS). This provides Charles River IMS users with immediate access to event-driven, real-time market and trade data. With Sonic’s CAA, Charles River customers are able to achieve the highest levels of system availability with hot fail-over and low-latency market data delivery capabilities.

Charles River IMS is a comprehensive front- and middle-office software suite used by investment managers in the global institutional asset management, mutual fund, banking, pension, hedge fund, wealth management and insurance industries. Available for all security types, Charles River IMS includes Charles River Manager for portfolio management and modeling; Charles River Trader for order management and electronic trading; Charles River Compliance for real-time pre-trade and end-of-day compliance; and Charles River Post-Trade for the centralised management of trade matching, confirmation and settlement workflow.

SonicMQ with CAA provides an advanced fault tolerant messaging architecture, reducing failure recovery time from minutes to seconds. While most fault tolerant architectures rely entirely on custom coded solutions and expensive hardware-based mechanisms to ensure failover, Sonic delivers an embeddable software-based solution out-of-the-box using real-time replication between a pair of servers. Sonic CAA is also available as an option in the market leading Sonic ESB® (enterprise service bus).

“Global investment managers utilise our software for mission critical front- and middle-office functions, including real-time trading, portfolio management, and compliance. By leveraging Charles River IMS’s distributed, multi-tiered service-oriented architecture and incorporating Sonic’s offering, we are able to ensure maximum performance and continuous availability of all trade details. Users will have even faster message updates ‘pushed out’ to them as soon as an event occurs,” said Robert Hathaway, vice president of engineering at Charles River Development. “We reviewed all the major providers in this software category and we chose SonicMQ with Sonic CAA due to the fact that its leading performance, feature set, and high availability is the best fit with our service-oriented architecture and our customers’ demanding requirements.”

"Charles River's selection of Sonic is yet more proof that messaging infrastructure has an immediate and very real impact on the business," said Hub Vandervoort, vice president of field operations for Sonic. "Continuously available communications is especially important for mission-critical SOA implementations, as failure at any point of connection means failure of the entire process, which is why the same infrastructure is used in our marketing leading Sonic ESB. Sonic is the only provider to deliver continuous availability out of the box without requiring special hardware or custom development."

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