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Plug and Play opens fintech startup accelerator in Texas

Source: Plug and Play

Plug and Play, a leading global innovation platform, announces the launch of its fintech startup accelerator program which will take place in both Frisco and McKinney, Texas.

In partnership with the Frisco Economic Development Corporation and the McKinney Economic Development Corporation, through this new program, Plug and Play aims to create a collaborative ecosystem for fintech innovation in the North Texas region.

As one of the most influential innovation ecosystems in the world, Plug and Play is dedicated to connecting startups, investors, governments, corporations, and universities to drive innovation and foster collaboration. This program will offer startups the opportunity to work closely with mentors, access corporate partners, and participate in industry-specific events and workshops. Additionally, Plug and Play’s global network of over 50 locations will provide startups with international exposure and valuable connections.

“We believe that fintech innovation is crucial in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape,” said Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play. “By launching our fintech program in both Frisco and McKinney, we are committed to fueling growth and adding value to the local economy of the North Texas region.”

Frisco and McKinney have emerged as vibrant hubs for technological advancements and entrepreneurial activities. Last month, Plug and Play announced their presence in these locations, launching a Sportstech program in Frisco and an Enterprise & AI program in McKinney. By introducing the fintech program spanning across both locations, Plug and Play aims to provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to connect with industry experts, receive guidance, and secure investment opportunities. Plug and Play currently has over 10 additional locations that are focused on fintech including Paris, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Tokyo, and others.

“Our partnership with McKinney and Plug and Play will compliment Frisco’s position as a major asset to the region’s strong financial services industry and catalyze our vibrant ecosystem of 165 plus fintech companies and more than 133 fintech investors in Frisco,” said Jason Ford, President, Frisco Economic Development Corporation. “The North Texas Fintech accelerator will support local job growth and fuel recognition of Frisco as a global fintech hub for continued investment from Fortune 500 financial services firms, like Comerica Bank’s Business and Innovation Hub and FIS Global’s $777 million acquisition of Payrix, a Frisco-based Fintech platform.”

“It’s an honor to lock arms with our neighbors in Frisco in bringing the Fintech vertical of Plug and Play to Collin County and into our communities. Our partnership will serve to strengthen our region’s startup ecosystem, resulting in wins that will accelerate our growing position as an international hub for tech talent and innovation,” commented Michael Kowski, President and CEO of the McKinney Economic Development Council.

The fintech industry is experiencing rapid growth globally, transforming the way financial services are delivered and consumed. From digital payments and blockchain technology to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, fintech innovations are revolutionizing the financial landscape. By attracting and supporting fintech startups, Frisco and McKinney are positioned to become key players in this disruptive industry.

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