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Nuvei launches omnichannel payments tech

Source: Nuvei

Nuvei Corporation, the Canadian fintech company, announces today that it is launching its enhanced omnichannel payments solution for merchants and platforms. Nuvei’s unified commerce offering, which is now available to customers operating outside of North America for the first time, is enabling businesses to develop new customer payments experiences with greater control and unified analytics effortlessly.

This proprietary, flexible solution supports merchants and partners by enhancing their payment offering across a wide variety of use cases. Businesses from diverse end markets including consumer retail, restaurant and hospitality, travel, and iGaming are leveraging Nuvei’s omnichannel technology to offer their customers an enhanced, convenient experience at the checkout specifically tailored for each channel, however and wherever consumers want to pay.

Philip Fayer, Nuvei Chair and CEO, commented on the announcement: “A unified approach to payments across channels is increasingly critical for businesses to meet customer expectations, optimize revenues, and accelerate growth. Combining industry-leading technology in online and retail payments into a single, truly unified solution not only supports our existing customers to meet their growth goals, but also opens exciting new opportunities as we execute on our strategy to develop new use cases for the Nuvei platform and grow our total addressable market.”

Nuvei’s unified commerce omnichannel solution deeply aligns the best of its card-present (“CP”) and card-not-present (“CNP”) technology for eCommerce, mobile, and in-store transactions. This enables merchants to unify their online and retail payment acceptance into a single, seamless integration for multiple jurisdictions without compromising the agility required to customize and scale payments effortlessly to facilitate growth.

Additional features of unified commerce for consumers include the ability to buy or add products to the checkout basket through one channel and amend the purchase or request a refund through another. Businesses are also able to run separate pricing, loyalty and incentive programs for online and physical channels.

Nuvei’s platform features a single view of comprehensive reporting analytics and insights for both CP and CNP transactions, equipping businesses with the data required to make the smarter, more informed decisions required to optimize their payments function holistically. Other streamlined operations through a common API optimizes payments further, including a single consistent developer experience and centralizing payment processing across channels through tokenizing transactions .

Nuvei’s flexible approach to retail payments hardware enables merchants to utilize its in-house, semi-integrated cloud solution Verifone Android terminals, or to adopt a ‘bring your own device’ model. Nuvei’s in-house solutions are constructed using the latest hardware technology and are fully customizable, enabling businesses to craft custom value-added applications tailored to their unique needs.

In addition to accessing each element of its full stack payments technology through the same single integration for multiple geographies, Nuvei’s global reach, including local acquiring capabilities in 50 countries and connectivity to 680 alternative online payment methods (APMs), enables businesses to scale their omnichannel payments internationally as they expand into new markets. Nuvei’s unique approach to global customer support from integration through to geographic expansion simplifies the pursuit of growth further.

Fayer continued: “As businesses expand into new markets, they are increasingly looking to partner with payments providers that can remove complexity while still offering the agility and insights to optimize growth. Omnichannel payments are intricate, so it is imperative for customers to work with a partner that understands their business to optimize revenue and the customer experience. Our omnichannel solution enables businesses to reach customers through payments on every channel effortlessly.” 

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