Aleri enhances Streaming Platform

Source: Aleri Labs

Aleri Labs, a provider of innovative event stream processing technology for the financial services industry, today introduced new functionality for its flagship Aleri Streaming Platform.

The capabilities, which include an enhanced graphical authoring environment, greater processing throughput, reductions in latency and easier integration with off-the-shelf applications, are being demoed at the Securities Industry Association's 2006 Technology Management Conference in New York (Booth #2604).

The Aleri Streaming Platform leverages the concepts of relational databases and applies them to the realm of real-time event stream processing, allowing financial institutions to quickly and cost-effectively build streaming applications with data capture, event detection, and data aggregation and analysis capabilities.

Among the many enhancements to be showcased at the conference, Aleri Labs is demonstrating the Aleri Studio, a simple interactive development environment for constructing, modifying and testing logic applied to incoming data as part of a continuous query. The easy-to-use Aleri Studio is based on Eclipse, an open source application development framework. In addition to the Aleri Studio, institutions can choose to use common SQL or XML environments to build new applications with the Aleri Streaming Platform.

"We want to make event stream processing easy, and therefore don't want users to have to learn a new programming language," said Don DeLoach, CEO of Aleri Labs. "Based on this philosophy, the Aleri Streaming Platform is the only event stream processing technology to allow users to choose the development environment they are most comfortable with. Its unique architecture makes it language-independent, and allows us to add new development environments that may emerge in the future."

Aleri Studio, supported under Windows, Linux and Solaris, provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for defining data schema, data flow and the expressions used to correlate, filter, compute and aggregate the data. It also includes an execution console for testing and debugging models, with facilities for remote execution, record and playback, step-through debugging and a live stream viewer.

Other enhancements to the Aleri Streaming Platform include:
  • Performance Improvements that continue the Aleri Labs commitment to delivering unsurpassed performance, and are backed by a suite of benchmarking tests to show performance characteristics under a variety of conditions.
  • A Real-time Excel Add-in that allows the user to subscribe to derived data streams and receive updates within a spreadsheet in real-time.
  • An ODBC Interface for Ad-hoc Queries, making streaming data available to a wide variety of applications, such as dashboards and reporting tools.

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