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Unzer rolls out mPOS in Austria and Luxembourg

Source: Unzer

The payment company Unzer has expanded its business activities and launched its POS solutions in Austria and Luxembourg.

With its iPad checkouts, card terminals and the POS Go mini checkout, Unzer supports all merchants who want to digitize their processes and meet the growing demand for contactless payments. In Germany, Unzer already serves more than 40,000 merchants with its POS solutions.

Robert Bueninck, CEO of Unzer, explains: "We believe that customers want a seamless experience no matter where they shop. Merchants are focused on delighting their customers and shouldn’t have to worry about connecting their online and offline stores in one backend. That’s why we provide the software and hardware ensuring that all retail systems can communicate in real-time. With our POS solutions, merchants have a range of options simplifying their daily business life, from customer loyalty programs to real-time sales data."

The Austrian and Luxembourg markets present substantial opportunities for Unzer's expansion. Austria, with approximately 30,000 restaurants and 140,000 retail and service businesses, and Luxembourg, albeit smaller but with an addressable market of 15,000 companies, both are robust economies with an increasing demand for contactless and mobile payments. Unzer's decision to penetrate these markets is the right step strategically and enabled by its established presence there. With offices in Vienna and Grevenmacher and a specialist sales team, Unzer’s POS solutions are set to cater to the nuanced needs of the Austrian and Luxembourg markets.

Unzer's cash registers and card terminals are designed for small and medium-sized companies seeking to accept mobile payments - whether in a restaurant, at an event or in a store. The POS Go mini cash register is equipped with a card reader, receipt printer and scanner and can be used flexibly anywhere thanks to cloud-based software. Popular payment options such as installment and invoice purchasing ("buy now, pay later") can also be offered directly at the point of sale. At the same time, retailers benefit from numerous additional functions such as digital accounting and storage of their receipts as well as real-time sales analyses.

As physical and virtual retail are increasingly merging, many merchants are looking for ways to interlink their channels. Unzer sees a unique opportunity to significantly increase its market share with its Unified Commerce offering, providing value-adding software services alongside payments to merchants in selected verticals. Over time, the company has cultivated a diverse product portfolio to ensure holistic coverage of the payment transaction industry - from online and in-person payments to advanced collection services and integrated commerce software.

Central to these innovative strides is the UnzerOne platform. It serves as a unified hub, seamlessly integrating sales, payments, and marketing functions across all touchpoints. Businesses benefit from an intuitive dashboard that provides direct access to real-time data, whether it is sales, inventory, orders, or customer preferences.

Robert Bueninck says: "With our holistic offering, we are well positioned to offer merchants in Europe real added value and gain market share. These are the best prerequisites for continuing or even accelerating our growth in the coming months and years.”

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