CodeStreet launches ReplayService for Reuters' RMDS

Source: CodeStreet

CodeStreet, a leader in financial infrastructure software, is rolling out ReplayService for RMDS 6.0, the first application development tool to support the Open Message Model (OMM) within Reuters' newest data platform.

The OMM provides developers extensive flexibility and capabilities to efficiently represent all RMDS data.

The offering augments CodeStreet's ReplayService product suite, which is designed to simplify developing and testing applications that use market data.

ReplayService for RMDS 6.0 allows developers to simulate an RMDS platform and apply repeatable tests to verify application functionality and performance under various market conditions without the need for market data infrastructure or live feeds. The new product is particularly useful to customers working with Reuters' direct feed. It lets users simulate a Reuters Data Feed Direct (RDFD) and to vary the update rate.

"This is a very important offering for Reuters' customers," said Michael Parlapiano, Reuters Global Head of Information Management Solutions. "CodeStreet's ReplayService improves development efficiency around RMDS. ReplayService support for the OMM in RMDS 6.0 will provide customers with an easier way to work with OMM data"

"ReplayService and OMM can dramatically improve efficiency across a development organization," says CodeStreet CEO, Howard Pein. "The unique capability to record OMM data and subsequently make it available for playback, or within Excel or database formats, or via Reuters' Java and C++ APIs, make ReplayService the logical starting point for developing any application taking OMM data off the Reuters platform."

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