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Plannix and Salt Edge collaborate to optimise personal finance through open banking

Source: Salt Edge

Plannix, a personal finance hub that helps with wealth tracking, portfolio management, and financial planning, teams up with Salt Edge, a leader in offering open banking solutions, to enable users from Italy and beyond to connect and view all their bank accounts in one place instantly.

These days, financial planning is a crucial aspect of our daily lives. The constantly fluctuating markets, investment requirements, and day-to-day costs require people to plan their finances more carefully. This simple but important budgeting approach enables individuals to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and work towards their economic goals. In the pursuit of helping its clients with their long-term investment goals, Plannix provides personalised solutions that foster smarter and more informed financial planning.

Plannix offers an array of services designed to redefine financial planning and advisory services for investors. The suite of tools includes a complete asset allocation and portfolio tracker, insightful KPIs about wealth and savings, and a transparent management fee scanner.

By integrating with the Salt Edge Partner Program, Plannix customers will benefit from enhanced account information and data aggregation resources, leading to more accurate financial tracking and analysis, as well as improved budgeting tools. Moreover, integrating Salt Edge’s data enrichment features will offer deeper insights into financial behaviours, improving the overall financial planning and advisory experience.

Salt Edge stands out for its expertise in financial data aggregation, offering secure and streamlined APIs that are in strict compliance with PSD2 standards. For Plannix, this will ensure the highest level of financial security and align with a commitment to providing comprehensive and user-friendly financial management solutions. Furthermore, Salt Edge’s hundreds of connections to Italian banking institutions will enable their customers to select and securely connect their bank accounts to the Plannix platform, enjoying a holistic view of all their finances and investments in one app.

“At Plannix, we are dedicated to transforming how people manage their finances. Our goal is to be more than just a provider of financial tools; we aspire to be a hub for smart, long-term financial empowerment and to nurture a generation of savvy investors. Our partnership with Salt Edge is a testament to this mission, ensuring our solutions are innovative, user-friendly, secure, and compliant. This collaboration marks a significant step in revolutionising financial planning and advisory and promoting the well-being of our users.” Luca Lixi, CEO and Founder at Plannix

Establishing one of the largest financial communities in Italy, boasting over 35,000 members, Plannix plans to broaden its reach to key European regions, including France, Spain, and Germany. Partnering with Salt Edge, which has over 2,500 connections to financial institutions in Europe, will allow end users from these countries to connect and access their bank data in a simple and compliant way, all in one place.

“We are pleased to support Plannix in this transformative journey through our open banking solutions. With the combination of Plannix’s personal finance hub and Salt Edge’s account aggregation solution, clients will have the flexibility to connect and manage multiple bank accounts in a single application, while also receiving personalised financial insights and a secure compliance experience.” Anton Cebanu, Open Banking Solution Expert at Salt Edge

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