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Fidesmo integrates to Mastercard’s Token Connect and partners with German neobank VIMpay

Source: Fidesmo

Fidesmo, a leader in providing secure and convenient contactless services, is proud to announce the successful completion of its integration between Fidesmo Pay and Mastercard’s Token Connect service, also known as MDES Token Connect.

This pioneering partnership sets the stage for a new level of security and convenience in digital payments and marks Fidesmo Pay as the first tokenization platform for passive wearables to successfully implement Mastercard’s latest innovation. Furthermore, Fidesmo is excited to reveal its first issuer partner for this advanced integration — VIMpay, a prominent German Neobank.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Security

Mastercard’s Token Connect (MDES Token Connect) offers a secure environment for card issuers, enabling them to offer customers a seamless and secure method for digital payments across various platforms. By tokenizing card information, the technology safeguards sensitive cardholder data and diminishes the risk of fraud.

“At Fidesmo, our vision has always been to simplify access to secure and convenient contactless services - especially payments. Working closely with Mastercard allows us to accelerate this vision on a grand scale. Our integration with MDES Token Connect not only elevates our platform but also differentiates us by offering a new dimension of adaptability and security. This strategic development places Fidesmo in a unique position to enable issuers to effortlessly adapt to an ever-evolving digital landscape, thereby fulfilling our commitment to making contactless transactions universally accessible and secure.” said Mattias Eld, co-founder of Fidesmo.

With the integration of MDES Token Connect, Fidesmo advances its mission to revolutionize contactless transactions, adding an extra layer of security while making digital payments more convenient than ever before. The feature will be rolled out across Fidesmo’s network, making it easier for issuers, like VIMpay, to adopt cutting-edge tokenization technology.

Strong Collaboration with VIMpay

As the first issuer partner to leverage Fidesmo’s new integration, VIMpay stands at the forefront of neobanking and mobile payment solutions in Germany, embracing an enhanced digital experience for its customer base. The collaboration enables VIMpay customers to benefit from tokenized digital payments, ensuring a high level of security while maintaining ease of use.

“Partnering with an innovative company like VIMpay demonstrates the limitless potential of tokenized digital payments,” said Mattias Eld, co-founder of Fidesmo. “We’re thrilled to see our platform being utilized to make secure, contactless transactions more accessible.”

Dr. Peter Schönweitz, managing shareholder of petaFuel GmbH and PayCenter GmbH: “At VIMpay, we constantly strive to make our mobile payment and banking app even more innovative and secure. MDES Token Connect is an innovative solution to increase the security of seamless digital transactions and reduce fraud risks. This feature optimises the activation and management process of wallets in the VIMpay app. It enhances the user experience and makes digital payments as simple and secure as they should be. The partnership with Mastercard and Fidesmo on this project was straightforward and enabled us to quickly offer the Token Connect solution to our users.”

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Fidesmo, Mastercard, and VIMpay signifies an important milestone in the ongoing evolution of secure, efficient, and convenient digital payment systems. As more issuers come on board, Fidesmo anticipates expanding its services to further disrupt the contactless payment landscape, offering unmatched security and convenience to users globally.

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