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Intuit TurboTax integrates with Credit Karma and QuickBooks

Source: Intuit

Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), the global financial technology platform that makes Intuit TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, announced today that Credit Karma members and QuickBooks Online customers can prepare and file their 2023 taxes through TurboTax within the Credit Karma and QuickBooks Online product experiences.

Combining Intuit’s AI-platform capabilities and the tax knowledge engine powering TurboTax with a filer’s personal and financial data already present in Credit Karma or QuickBooks, these integrations create a more seamless and personalized tax preparation and filing experience for individual tax filers and small business owners.

TurboTax delivers a suite of full service, assisted, and DIY tax preparation offerings for individuals, families, and small businesses to serve customers however they want to file and where they are most comfortable, including in Credit Karma and QuickBooks Online. Filers can choose to file their taxes themselves, with assistance along the way, or fully hand off their taxes for a virtual or in-person1 tax preparation experience and receive the same TurboTax maximum refund and accuracy guarantees no matter which Intuit product they choose to file from.

“Our vision is to deliver the trusted TurboTax experience to individuals and small businesses however they want to file and where they want to file, including across the Intuit ecosystem of products and services,” said Executive Vice President and General Manager of Intuit’s Consumer Group, Mark Notarainni. “The integration of TurboTax into Credit Karma and QuickBooks helps us meet our customers where they are so they can file with complete confidence knowing they are getting their best tax outcome, all in a familiar product experience.”

Credit Karma offers tax filing to millions of Americans

Credit Karma members who did not file with TurboTax last year and who choose to do their taxes themselves will be able to file their federal and state taxes in the Credit Karma app with TurboTax at no cost2, and in some cases in as little as 10 minutes. For members who prefer additional assistance when filing their taxes, tax expert assistance is available at an additional cost. Eligible members will also have the option to get faster access to cash this tax season and receive recommendations on how to make the most of their refund.

Through the TurboTax integration, taxpayers can access their refund up to five days early when they deposit it into a Credit Karma Money™ account4 or, for those who qualify, get a Refund Advance loan5 in as little as 30 seconds after the IRS accepts their return6. Members who choose to receive personalized guidance and are due a refund will receive recommendations about how to leverage their refund to make financial progress, such as opening a high-yield savings account with Credit Karma Money to start earning interest on their savings. Filers can also access other opportunities to make financial progress, like applying for a Credit Builder plan7 to begin building credit and saving money.

“Our members trust us to help them understand and manage their finances and we’re taking that one step further by helping them file their taxes and make a plan for their refund,” said Courtney Alev, General Manager of Tax at Credit Karma. “This year, we’re taking the stress out of tax filing by making it as easy as possible for our members to file their taxes with TurboTax on the Credit Karma app they already know and love. We’re also giving members faster access to their refund, as well as recommendations for how to put their refund to work, so they can take action and start making financial progress.”

QuickBooks Online makes moving from books to taxes seamless

Maximizing tax deductions is a priority for small businesses, as nearly a third (32%) of small businesses created since 2020 were funded in part by tax refunds, according to a recent QuickBooks report. At the same time, being compliant is also among small business owners’ top concerns. Now, qualifying QuickBooks Online customers who file their taxes with TurboTax through QuickBooks Live Tax will save time and effort by seamlessly moving from books to taxes and gain access to unlimited expert help to get their maximum refund, guaranteed.

“Preparing and filing taxes can be time consuming and research intensive for small business owners, taking away from what they’re passionate about,” said Vice President of Product Management for the Business Tax Ecosystem at Intuit, Matt Lisowski. “We’re offering small businesses peace of mind by providing tax experts to prepare and file taxes with the best outcome guaranteed, along with year-round guidance from accounting experts to maximize their daily business moves all from within QuickBooks.”

This tax season, QuickBooks Online has a solution for many small business structures:

QuickBooks Live Full-Service Tax - S-Corps, multi-member LLCs, and partnerships can fully hand off their business taxes to a team of experts who will help them get ready for tax time and file their taxes, accuracy guaranteed.
QuickBooks Live Assisted Tax - Sole proprietors and single-member LLCs filing a Schedule C (Form 1040) can get their self-employment taxes done right with unlimited expert advice.

With QuickBooks Live Tax, specialized experts from TurboTax can deliver unlimited, on-demand guidance, answer questions, and provide support in case of an audit. The tax experts can also help uncover tax deductions to minimize tax burdens. QuickBooks Live Tax costs vary by entity and service type and start at $169, with payment required only when tax returns are filed. Small businesses can find their cost and sign up by logging into their QuickBooks Online account, tapping “Taxes” in the left navigation panel, and selecting “Year-End Tax Filing.”

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