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Nebeus unveils nomad accounts

Source: Nebeus

Nebeus, a financial platform renowned for its cryptocurrency services and registered with the Bank of Spain, is expanding its reach into the payments market with the launch of Nebeus Nomad Accounts.

Tailored to the unique needs of digital nomads and marketplaces that link freelancers with job prospects, the all-encompassing app merges multi-currency mass-payouts, virtual IBANs, cryptocurrency services, and globally issued debit cards. This innovative financial solution is designed to empower users across the globe, providing them with the tools they need to get paid and monetize their skills and expertise not dependent on their location.

This aligns with the current trend where more than 50 countries provide digital nomad visas, catering to the needs of the expanding community of 35 million digital nomads globally amid the increasing popularity of remote work.

Driving Global Financial Empowerment:
For Individuals: From payment collection to efficient transaction management and easy invoice generation, Nebeus Nomad Accounts are designed to streamline day-to-day financial operations.
For Marketplaces: Nebeus Nomad Accounts offer marketplaces a valuable tool with a focus on efficiency. The API functionality allows for mass-payouts in various currencies, consolidating payments, cards, and crypto through one convenient dashboard. This feature streamlines the payout process, making it seamless and convenient for marketplaces to connect with remote workers and contractors.

With global outreach, Nebeus services empower freelancers to manage their finances from anywhere in the world. Supporting multi-currency transactions, these accounts facilitate international collaborations while minimising financial complexities, mitigating unfavourable exchange rates and minimizing delays utilizing cryptocurrency's strengths.

This global financial solution is particularly pertinent for users in Latin America, providing an alternative amidst hyperinflation concerns by allowing users to earn in more stable currencies.

Nebeus' Commitment to Financial Inclusion

At the core of Nebeus' visionary repositioning is the belief that access to financial services is a fundamental human right. The company envisions a world where everyone, regardless of their location or passport colour, should be able to monetize their skills and talents. Nebeus is dedicated to enabling talent worldwide, making the management of money secure, simple, affordable, and fully compliant.

In a defining moment for Nebeus, Co-founder & CEO Sergey Romanosvskiy remarked, "Nebeus Nomad Accounts signify a strategic leap in our brand repositioning, epitomizing our commitment to providing versatile financial solutions with crypto as one of the payment tools. This launch encapsulates our brand's evolution, aligning with the dynamic needs of the modern workforce. As we redefine the Nebeus experience, Nomad Accounts embody adaptability and user-centricity, offering seamless integration with the dynamic work lives of freelancers and marketplaces, regardless of location.”

Moreover, Nebeus reassures users of the highest security standards. The company is proudly registered with the Bank of Spain, ensuring regulatory compliance and reinforcing trust in financial transactions conducted through its platform.

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