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RobinHood launches crypto app across Europe

Source: RobinHood

Robinhood are launching the Robinhood Crypto app to all eligible customers in the European Union (EU).

It is the only custodial crypto platform where customers will get a percentage of their trading volume back every month, paid in Bitcoin (BTC),* and can get up to 1 BTC when they sign up and refer a friend.** Robinhood Crypto offers buy and sell support for 25+ cryptocurrencies with industry-leading safety and security. It is the lowest cost crypto trading platform in the EU on average.***

“We believe crypto is the financial framework for tomorrow and that it plays a significant role in our mission to democratize finance for all,” said Johann Kerbrat, GM of Robinhood Crypto. “For this reason, we’re thrilled to expand crypto trading to customers throughout the EU, enabling them to buy and sell their favorite tokens safely and securely. The EU has developed one of the world’s most comprehensive policies for crypto asset regulation, which is why we chose the region to anchor Robinhood Crypto’s international expansion plans.”

Get the Most Crypto for Your Money

In addition to being the lowest cost crypto trading platform in the EU on average, customers will earn a percentage of every trade back each month, which is paid out in Bitcoin and deposited directly into customer accounts. The amount of BTC paid out is based on the total volume traded in a given month-customers can learn more about this program and can see how much they could receive.

To provide better transparency, and help customers make even more informed decisions about their purchases, Robinhood also display the spread, which includes the rebate we receive from sell and trade orders in the app. By providing all-inclusive pricing, customers can rest assured there are no hidden fees and that they’re getting the most crypto for their Euros. For a limited time, eligible customers will earn a reward of up to 1 BTC when they first sign up, and can also earn up to 1 BTC for their first 300 successful eligible referrals. After signing up, customers will receive a unique referral link that they can share with friends and family.

How It Works

Robinhood Crypto is a trading platform where users own their own crypto and we hold it securely on their behalf. Users can buy and sell 25+ cryptocurrencies, track real-time prices, and access charts to help fine-tune their trading strategy. They can also browse and learn about different digital assets, create watchlists, and monitor the latest news directly in the app. Support for additional tokens, crypto transfers, crypto staking, crypto learning rewards, and more are all expected to launch in 2024.

Safety First

Robinhood are on a mission to build the safest and most trusted crypto trading platform, and as a publicly-traded U.S. company they are regularly reviewed by third party auditors. Unlike some of our competitors that have grown quickly and list hundreds of digital assets, Robinhood Crypto has taken a more conservative approach to supporting digital assets. This also means building safeguards for our products and providing better education. Other customer protections include:

Coin Management: They never commingle customer coins with business funds other than
for operating purposes (such as payment of network fees).
Customer Service: 24/7 email support.
Industry Leading Security: Robinhood’s Security Team routinely reviews code and infrastructure powering Robinhood Crypto, and they engage third-party security experts to test our systems, helping us build some of the most secure systems in the industry.
Storing Customers’ Coins: They hold nearly all of customers’ coins in cold storage, entirely disconnected from the internet.
Crime Insurance: They carry crime insurance that protects a portion of the assets held across our storage systems against losses from theft, including cybersecurity breaches. The policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, the world’s leading insurance marketplace, and placed by Lloyd’s registered broker, Aon.


Like we did with the stock market, it’s our goal to make crypto more accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of where they live. Robinhood Crypto is available beginning today to all eligible iOS and Android customers throughout the EU. To sign-up for Robinhood Crypto, users must have EU citizenship and be 18+ years of age.

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