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Swedbank Robur unveils two climate funds

Source: Swedbank

As a next step in line with its climate strategy, Swedbank Robur launches two more funds focusing on the climate, Climate Bond and Climate Bond High Yield. The funds, which are classified as Article 9 under EU SFDR*, will finance projects and company operations assessed to contribute to the UN's climate goals.

As early as 2019, Swedbank Robur established its climate strategy and was among the first to set its climate goals, 5 and 10 years ahead of the targets specified in the Paris Agreement**. In 2020, the fund company developed a method and ensured that several funds were aligned with the Paris Agreement. In 2021, a new equity fund with a specific focus on the climate, Climate Impact, was launched. Now, the next step is taken with two additional climate funds, this time focusing on the bond market.

"As Sweden's largest fund company, we take a clear stance on issues important to our savers, investments, and society at large. The continued growing interest in sustainable and climate-focused investing is a crucial and positive driving force in our efforts to continue shifting capital in a more sustainable direction. With the launch of Climate Bond and Climate Bond High Yield, we take another important step forward by expanding our offerings with a specific focus on the climate to cover more asset classes," says Pia Haak, CIO at Swedbank Robur.

The financial system plays a crucial role in the global transition, and it will require both significant capital and new financial products to finance sustainable investments.

"There is a great need to direct capital to initiatives supporting the green transition. Many significant actors that can make a big difference for the climate do not have listed stocks but depend on financing from the bond market. Thanks to the higher rate environment the new climate funds will have the opportunity to provide savers with a good return while contributing to solutions for the world's climate challenges," says Karin Beltzér, Head of Fixed Income and Credit Management at Swedbank Robur.

About Swedbank Robur Climate Bond:
• Invests globally in sustainable bonds issued by, for example, supranational entities and municipalities, as well as secured mortgage bonds.
• In sustainable bonds, the money is earmarked to finance projects that promote sustainable development. This can include projects in sustainable forestry, clean transportation, and renewable energy.
About Swedbank Robur Climate Bond High Yield:
• Invests globally in corporate bonds issued by companies with lower credit quality (High Yield).
• The bonds are either issued by sustainable companies or are green bonds issued by other companies. Sustainable companies are those we assess as contributing to achieving the UN's global sustainability goals, such as producers of electric vehicles. Green bonds are earmarked to promote the environment and climate, such as financing investments in renewable energy and energy storage.

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