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Findity launches expense management API

Source: Findity

Findity, the leading provider of expense management technology, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary solution, the Expense API.

This groundbreaking technology empowers businesses to leverage Findity's platform and seamlessly integrate tailored expense management functionality into their existing software suites.

Findity’s Expense API allows companies to directly embed expense management capabilities into their apps and web clients, avoiding the significant time and costs required to develop such functionality from scratch.

The Expense API provides direct access to Findity’s comprehensive expense management platform, complete with all its functionalities, card integrations, financial software connections and more. Not to be confused with other expense management APIs in the market, which purely send expense data to other software.

By embedding the platform, software companies can incorporate the full spectrum of expense management features into their products. This results in a tailored and seamless expense experience for their end customers while enhancing the company’s product offering with minimum effort.

"We at Findity are excited to announce the launch of our Expense API, a true reflection of our dedication to innovation in expense management. This breakthrough allows software companies to seamlessly embed advanced expense management capabilities into their products, offering a tailored expense experience for their customers. It's all about providing a
sophisticated, hassle-free solution so our partners can focus on their core while we take care of the complexities of expense management." – Patrick Olsson, CEO at Findity.

Key Value of the Expense API:
● Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate the expense management platform with
the existing product suite, ensuring a seamless and tailored expense management
● All the functionalities customers want: Expense claims, Receipt scanner, Mileage
reporting, Per diem, Entertainment, Card integrations – and much more.
● Easy-to-build: Intuitive, complete and comprehensive API documentation so
developers can get started and finish with minimum hassle.
● Accounting compliance: Local compliance requirements and tax regulations are
up-to-date in the platform.

White Label Expense Management: Established Excellence
In addition to the Expense API, Findity continues to offer white label expense management solutions, trusted by 35+ partners. This solution allows partners to deliver a branded expense management app and web client under their name, building customer trust and recognition. This ready-made solution requires minimal development time and effort, enabling organisations to get to market faster.

How do I explore Findity's Expense API?
Visit https://www.findity.com/expense-api to learn more.

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