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Velo Payments launches P2P app

Source: Velo Payments

Velo Payments Ltd ushers in a new era in digital payments today with their launch of Vizme, the world's first visual payments app built on Open Banking.

Aimed squarely at digital natives and those navigating a cashless world, Vizme transforms every transaction into a vivid, narrative-driven experience. This app is not just altering the landscape of financial transactions; it's crafting a whole new language for the digital-savvy users of today.

John Partridge, the visionary former President of Visa and now CEO of Velo Payments, enthusiastically announced Vizme. "Vizme is more than an evolution in the digital payment space; it's a complete rethink of what it means to make a payment. We're not just creating an app; we're scripting a new chapter in the way financial interactions unfold. For a generation that experiences money as a digital asset, Vizme offers a platform where every transaction tells a story, enriches a moment, and connects them more deeply to their finances and each other," Partridge said.

What sets Vizme apart is its adoption of the secure Open Banking framework, allowing real-time bank-to-bank transfers. The app's hallmark 'visual' approach means that each transaction is more than just digits changing hands; it's an expression of the user's identity, resonating with their personal story and values.

John Davies, Chief Technology Officer at Velo Payments, emphasised the groundbreaking nature of Vizme's technology. "Combining the robust infrastructure of Open Banking with a visually captivating and intuitive interface, we've turned the mundane act of payment into a deeply personal, visually immersive journey. This isn't just a step forward in financial technology; it's a leap into a new era," Davies remarked.

Pre-Order and Launch Details:

Vizme is now available for pre-order on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, with an official launch slated for the end of the month. This eagerly awaited app promises to redefine the way users interact with their money, offering an experience unparalleled in today’s financial world.

In the new year, the company also anticipates the launch of 'Vizme Business’. Extending their innovative visual payment solutions to merchants will revolutionise the way businesses and customers engage. Replacing legacy transaction fee models with a flat-rate monthly subscription, Vizme Business aims to build a more equitable and engaging relationship with its customers.

Vizme's ambition stretches beyond changing how we conduct transactions; it's about reimagining the entire experience attached to financial exchanges. By embedding visual stories into the app, Vizme is set to transform from a payment mechanism into a platform of connection and storytelling.

"Vizme isn't just a new app; it's the dawn of a new financial dialogue," Partridge concluded. "Through Vizme, we're not just moving money; we're crafting stories and building connections. This launch is about more than technology; it's the beginning of a new era in how we experience our financial lives for generations to come."

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