Blankstone Sington licenses Investmaster's Coric document manager

Source: Investmaster

Investmaster Group Ltd, the UK's largest supplier of integrated systems for wealth managers and institutional brokers, today announced that Blankstone Sington Limited, the Liverpool based private client stockbroker, has committed to Investmaster's comprehensive document management solution, the Coric Document Warehouse with Enhanced Client Reporting.

Blankstone Sington is already an established user of Investmaster's settlement and trade management solutions 4i-Core, 4i-OMR and 4i-Connect. The implementation of the document management and client reporting product will mean greater efficiencies with a seamless solution driving the core business processes.

A comprehensive document management capability is becoming an increasingly attractive solution in the drive to meet growing business continuity and regulatory requirements. Investmaster's solution provides full document management facilities including version control and audit trail, workflow, cataloguing, collation, storage, and document association, with complete back-up of all documentation in the event of a disaster. Cost savings can be achieved through a reduction in the need for physical storage space, and use of costly resources to file and retrieve. The Enhanced Client Reporting facility enables the user to produce top quality client reports on a bespoke or high volume basis, using data from multiple sources in a simple to use graphical design environment.

Commenting on the announcement, Ken Conolly, Chief Executive, Blankstone Sington said: "Effective storage, archiving and timely retrieval of documentation can be challenges in our sector. Investmaster's Coric Document Warehouse will not only enable us to meet regulatory requirements for document archiving, but will also help improve efficiency with rapid, office wide document retrieval both for administrative ease and improved client service. On top of this, the Enhanced Client Reporting module will enable us to improve our service to clients by providing sophisticated, tailored, well designed report packs – and first rate client service is essential in maintaining our competitive edge.

"We have enjoyed a long relationship with Investmaster and have found its solutions to be efficient and cost effective. Integration is an important factor for us so Investmaster was the only choice for our document management software."

Tom Brady, Chief Executive Officer at Investmaster, commented: "Our document management solution is designed to address business continuity, compliance and efficiency issues at the same time as providing the capability for superior client servicing. This development builds on an existing 12 year relationship with Blankstone Sington."

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