Tel Aviv Stock Exchange revamps Web site

Source: Tel Aviv stock Exchange

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is upgrading its online services to the general public with a new website.

The new site offers extensive market data along side important information on Israel's capital markets. The site, one of the most advanced in Israel, enables, for the first time, public access to historical trading data from the year 2000 onward, free of charge.

The main feature of the site is a friendly and comprehensive presentation in Hebrew and English of trading figures, present and historic. An in-depth description of all the products traded on the TASE is provided for the convenience of the users.

One of the new services is the "Company Page", which provides all relevant information about each company listed on the TASE. The page shows basic information about the company, market data of its various listed securities, the indices in which the company is included, charts and historic data, a list of the company's disclosures and more. Similarly, the site offers Product pages – a page devoted to each of the investment tools listed on the TASE. The site also allows users to create "personal portfolios" with a personalized view of chosen securities

Yoni Shemesh, Senior Vice President and manager of the TASE's IT & Operations Department, emphasizes that the new website will improve services to the various target markets of the TASE, and strengthen the exchange's ties with them. "We have utilized advanced technologies and the unique TASE database in order to meet the information requirements of the public, investors, traded companies and investment advisors," Mr. Shemesh said.

The site includes a wide range of information on the TASE itself and on Israel's capital market in general, presented for the convenient access of the various target markets. For Example, public companies can directly download all data relevant for their disclosures. The site provides explanations about the traded products, listings, the trading system and much more.

The new site was designed and developed in cooperation with Netwise (formerly NIA) and is based on CMS (Content Management Server) and BizTalk technologies made by Microsoft. It also uses the Content Management Toolkit (CMT) developed at NIA that expands CMS capacities.

Ilanit Pesach, co-manager of Netwise, which developed the website, stressed that the project had constituted a significant, unique challenge to the company. "The new TASE website is one of the most advanced in Israel. It is a complex system that accesses large amount of real-time data on the stock exchange trading systems and other computerized systems, while presenting results in a friendly, inventive manner," she said.

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