Thailand Futures Exchange explores online derivatives trading

Source: Thailand Futures Exchange

Thailand Futures Exchange PCL (TFEX) members met on June 6 to discuss plans for business development, new products, and trading derivatives via the Internet.

TFEX also encouraged its brokers to be market makers, making the market more liquid. Also, TFEX and its members will hold investor promotional activities throughout 2006.

This meeting was the first since the market officially opened on April 28, 2006, said TFEX Managing Director Ms. Kesara Manchusree.

"TFEX and all our members are satisfied that trading is off to a good start. So far, total trading has amounted to 5,229 contracts, or 217 contracts a day, with an average value of THB 122.7 million. Therefore TFEX is confident that we will reach our target of 1,000 contracts daily within one year of operation, through the continuing efforts and dedication of TFEX and its members," she reported.

In this first phase, TFEX will emphasize on providing more facilities for investors, and will allow trading via the Internet by this August. TFEX will also encourage members to act as market makers, which will increase market liquidity. Meanwhile, TFEX and its members will host investor education and marketing activities both in Bangkok and other major cities.

"Interest rate futures and index options are in the pipeline. TFEX is learning from the over-25 years of experience of its foreign advisor in these two securities instruments and is confident in the feasibility of the products," Ms. Kesara concluded.

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