Crown Agents Bank agrees talent partnership with US Department of State

Source: Crown Agents Bank

The programme will allow for knowledge sharing on keeping hard-to-reach markets connected to global financial infrastructure

Crown Agents Bank today announced a new talent partnership with the US Department of State through its US affiliate, Segovia. The talent partnership promises to offer opportunities for employees to gain unique and further insights into the intersection of international relations and financial services. As part of the agreement, Segovia employees will have the opportunity to be seconded to the US Department of State, and mutually, as part of the prestigious Franklin Talent Exchange Partnership (FTEP).

The partnership aims to facilitate knowledge sharing between the two organisations around cross-border transactions for hard-to-reach markets. Moreover, the partnership allows for the US Department of State and private sector entities to second employees in the interest of advancing leading foreign policy priorities. The two-way exchange of talent aims to bring in experts and consultants and share knowledge around improving foreign policy around cross-border transactions that underpin international trade.

Both Crown Agents Bank and the US Department of State have a shared interest to keep transactions safe, transparent, and compliant. Crown Agents Bank’s US affiliate will share its expertise in building relationships with central banks and governments and international development organisations. In return, Segovia will gain additional understanding and expertise around foreign policy protocols.
"Cultivating this partnership is a remarkable opportunity for both parties involved and will foster a dynamic exchange of knowledge,” said Marcia Jones, Group Head of Human Resources at Crown Agents Bank. “The collaboration between the US State Department and Segovia enables the sharing of invaluable experiences, paving the way for informed best practices and structural enhancements in cross-border payments. Our shared commitment to shaping foreign policy that bolsters connectivity and robust relationships reinforces our common interests."

Segovia partnered with the US Department of State as part of FTEP which commenced in July 2023. The FTEP program is a collaborative effort between the Department of State and private sector organisations to help advance diplomacy efforts on key policy issues.

This partnership represents a significant stride towards enhancing international financial cooperation and promoting shared goals between public and private sectors, ultimately benefitting global economic stability and prosperity.

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