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Top crypto firms form Tokenization lobby group

Source: Tokenized Asset Coalition

The Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC) launched today with industry leaders including Aave Companies, Centrifuge, Circle, Coinbase, Base, Credix, Goldfinch and RWA.xyz as founding members.

Together, these companies aim to bring the next trillion dollars of assets on-chain through real-world asset tokenization, education and advocacy.

The Tokenized Asset Coalition champions the adoption of public blockchains, asset tokenization and institutional DeFi to dramatically alter the way capital is formed, invested and managed on-chain, paving the way for a more open, fair and transparent system for investors.

The Tokenized Asset Coalition has three primary objectives:

Education: Create and disseminate educational content, host events, facilitate analysis and share insights about asset tokenization to foster trust and understanding within the ecosystem.
Advocacy: Develop shared principles, best practices and industry recommendations to promote a more compliant and sustainable environment for asset tokenization.
Adoption: Actively work towards building on-chain infrastructure that scales to the needs of investors, issuers, protocols, platforms and users, ​​driving the widespread adoption of tokenized real-world assets.

The Tokenized Asset Coalition believes that public crypto rails offer superior efficiency, cost savings and transparency compared to legacy systems. By fostering collaboration, education and the development of on-chain infrastructure, the Coalition aims to address the inefficiencies, lack of transparency and fragmentation inherent in traditional financial systems. The Coalition takes a collaborative approach to uniting organizations with a shared vision for tokenized real-world assets and impactful use cases that deliver the true value of crypto.

The Tokenized Asset Coalition was formed with seven founding members. As new builders, industry leaders and influencers come forth, the coalition welcomes the opportunity to expand and grow. The Coalition invites all relevant organizations to join its mission and contribute to the transformation of the financial landscape. Through collective efforts, a new era of efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in global finance can emerge.

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