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Mastercard rolls out card tokenization for guest checkout transactions

Source: Mastercard

Mastercard today announced the launch of ALT ID solution for guest checkout transactions.

ALT ID is a custom-made capability developed by Mastercard to create an alternate identifier for the real card numbers provided by cardholders during guest checkout transactions on e-commerce platforms. This solution will enhance online payment security for both merchants and consumers.

Previously, the company rolled out card-on-file tokenization solution for cardholders to safely complete transactions without revealing sensitive card details. The Mastercard ALT ID solution is meant for cardholders who carry out transactions without saving their cards, also referred to as guest checkout. It creates and stores an alternate identifier for each card, thereby enhancing the security of such online payments.

“The ALT ID solution is yet another testament to Mastercard’s constant endeavor to introduce innovative products and solutions that are compliant, user friendly, and enhance the safety and security of digital payments while making them seamless for both merchants and cardholders. By ensuring a safer shopping experience, this solution will also support the growth of e-commerce in India,” said Anubhav Gupta, Senior Vice President, South Asia, Mastercard.

“The launch of ALT ID will support our efforts to secure the digital experiences of cardholders who don’t wish to save their cards with merchants. Leveraging the Juspay platform, we are ensuring that our merchants are able to seamlessly transition customers to ALT ID without any changes at their end,” said Sheetal Lalwani, Co-founder & COO, Juspay.

The ALT ID solution will provide multiple advantages to cardholders, such as non-storage of card number on merchant websites and protection from potential data breaches. For merchants and payment service providers, it will allow them to secure the card numbers with minimal development efforts and improve the payment experience of their customers.

“Mastercard’s ALT ID Solution for guest checkout transactions underscores PayU’s foundational commitment to elevating digital payment security, convenience, and accessibility. This innovation will empower cardholders, merchants, and payment service providers like us with a streamlined and fortified approach to online transactions,” said Mohit Gopal, COO, PayU India.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Mastercard for its innovative ALT ID solution for guest checkout transactions. This association will benefit merchants through higher payment success rates and no integration effort. It will also strengthen our commitment to developing a more secure and comprehensive ecosystem for digital payments,” said Khilan Haria, SVP and Head of Payments Product, Razorpay.

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