Seceti adopts NCR Aptra software on ATM network


NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) today announced that Seceti, a company belonging to Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari and specialized in offering computer services to banks, has adopted the new APTRA Cash software product for automated teller machines (ATMs).

The solution, created by NCR, will enable Seceti to manage its entire ATM channel. Seceti will install APTRA on each of the approximately 5,000 ATMs distributed among more than 40 banks. Based on open architecture, the solution is hardware-independent, so each individual bank can choose the hardware platform.

Thanks to NCR APTRA software's innovative functionality and the Windows-based open architecture, Seceti will be able to rationalize channel management and reduce costs, managing the ATM like any other modern Web-based channel.

APTRA enables new functions for the ATM network. These include integration into customer relationship management systems, intelligent deposit/payment, bill remittance and the sale of bank products aimed at customers' needs.

"Having a single software application available over the whole ATM network was an essential requirement for us and our customers. A supplier like NCR, world leader in multivendor software solutions for the ATM channel, will stimulate the evolution of the user's relationship with the ATM, allowing us to offer services that are more personalized and designed for specific customer needs," said Arnaldo Cis, sales and marketing director of Seceti.

"Seceti's choice of a single new software program is consistent with the global market trend," said Renato Diato, Financial Solutions Division manager for NCR in Italy. "Once again APTRA has demonstrated the necessary flexibility to satisfy fully any requirement in the ATM/self-service field."

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