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Recognise Bank rolls out two new business savings accounts

Source: Recognise Bank

Recognise Bank have announced the launch of two new business savings accounts, offering highly competitive interest rates to help SMEs grow and manage their finances effectively.

The 7 Day and 35 Day Notice accounts provide better interest rates than their Easy Access counterparts, whilst enabling businesses to access their funds with relative speed, should they need to.

The first addition to Recognise Bank’s lineup is the Business 7 Day Notice Account, at an impressive 3.15% AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) and with a Monthly Gross Rate at 3.11%. With this account, businesses can access their funds by providing just 7 days’ notice.

The second addition is the Business 35 Day Notice Account, offering 3.25% AER and with a Monthly Gross Rate at 3.20%. With this account, businesses can access their funds by providing just 35 days’ notice.

In addition to the attractive interest rates and flexible access to funds, and unlike many savings accounts, customers can choose to have their interest paid into their nominated UK bank account either annually or monthly, offering further convenience and customisation.

As always, Recognise Bank remains committed to ensuring the security and peace of mind of its customers. Both these new business savings accounts are FSCS protected up to £85,000, safeguarding businesses hard-earned savings against any unforeseen circumstances.

“We are excited to introduce these new business savings accounts, providing UK SMEs with highly competitive rates and the flexibility they need to manage their finances efficiently,” says Monna Patel, Head of Savings at Recognise Bank. “At Recognise Bank, we are dedicated to supporting businesses and helping them achieve their financial goals. “

Recognise Bank also has an Easy Access, 6 Month Fixed, 1 Year Fixed, and 95 Day Notice Business Savings Accounts available, each with equally competitive rates.

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