Cross Match Technologies completes C-VIS acquisition

Source: Cross Match Technologies

Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of high-quality interoperable biometric identity applications and solutions, today announced the completion of its acquisition of C-VIS GmbH, which specializes in biometric computer vision, person and face recognition, and automated vision analysis.

By adding C-VIS' facial recognition capabilities, Cross Match has strengthened its position as a provider of multi-modal biometric identity solutions.

Facial recognition is a highly reliable biometric technology that allows real-time facial image capture without stopping or detaining subjects. It is an ideal solution for time sensitive, high-traffic locations that require heightened security, such as airports, border checkpoints, prisons and casinos. By combining C-VIS' facial recognition technology with Cross Match's existing fingerprint based Personal Identity Verification solutions and Visitor Management Systems, Cross Match will enable its customers to further increase security at correctional facilities, corporations, hospitals, government facilities, schools, day care centers and other facilities deploying identification and identity verification systems.

In addition to the facial recognition capabilities and new products obtained through the acquisition, Cross Match will also retain the services of C-VIS's founder Prof. Dr. Thomas Zielke, a scientist from the Institute of Neurocomputing at Bochum University. Dr. Zielke is a recognized expert in the field of facial recognition who has been granted a number of patents on his identification algorithms that power C-VIS products. By continuing to contribute his extensive knowledge and technological development skills to the company, Dr. Zielke will play a significant role in the future development of Cross Match products.

"More and more customers are seeking multi-modal biometric solutions combining facial recognition, fingerprint and document authentication. By adding the C-VIS proven facial recognition and image capture capabilities to Cross Match's existing biometric identity management offerings, we are able to provide a single platform for multi-modal finger, palm, face and iris biometric identity solution," said James W. Ziglar, president and CEO of Cross Match Technologies. "By combining C-VIS with our proven technologies, seasoned engineering talents and multinational customer base, we anticipate that this acquisition will lead to significant growth for Cross Match."

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