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Juni introduces BNPL for online retail media invoices

Source: Juni

Juni, the financial platform dedicated to digital commerce, is set to launch a new feature, “Juni Invoices”, adding a fresh dimension to the deferred payment landscape.

With this product, the company is introducing a ‘buy media, pay later’ model, aimed at easing media invoice management for e-commerce companies.

The ‘Juni Invoices’ offering allows online retailers to choose between 30, 60, or 90 extra days to pay their media invoices. This implies that these businesses can purchase media advertising and defer their payments based on their selected option.

Advertising is recognized as a critical tool for e-commerce companies to drive growth. Based on the recent data from Juni, 63.5% of the total budget of its European customers in Q1 of the current year was allocated to ad investments. This has highlighted some challenges related to media buying such as missed or late payments, complex processes, and cash flow management.

“Our customers want more cash to invest in acquiring new customers, and with up to 90 extra days to pay their invoices from Google Ads and Meta they free up a lot of additional capital to invest.” said Samir El-Sabini CEO & Co-Founder of Juni. “We’re excited to launch a product that enables them to invest more in their ad campaigns and help them reach more people. Juni Invoices allows ecommerce companies to boost cash flow, save time by streamlining the invoice process and enjoy better payment terms than anywhere else in the market.”

Juni Invoices seeks to alleviate these challenges by auto-collecting and scanning invoices via integration with Google and Facebook Ads. The system is designed to automatically match each invoice with its corresponding transaction, potentially reducing processing time significantly.
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Alongside the new invoice service, Juni will also be introducing its mobile app. The app is designed to offer instant access to card details, facilitate receipt uploads for easier expense reporting, and provide tools for spend management. Both offerings will be presented at Juni Day, the company’s flagship event held in Gothenburg.

“The launch of Juni Invoices is another step for us to help drastically improve our customers’ cash flow, providing a solution that is tailor-made for their business needs with flexible financing options offered through a simple, integrated user experience. With the newly launched Juni mobile app, they can also access Juni anytime, anywhere,” comments Shelley Havemann, Senior Director of Product at Juni. “Building products that solve our customers’ pain points is our main focus, and we’re looking to add features to Juni Invoices throughout the year, including inventory financing and automations that save them time and money. In today’s climate, managing finances well is key for any business, and we will be there with our customers every step of the way.”

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