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Alviere partners Array to add financial wellness tools to embedded finance platform

Source: Alviere

Alviere, the leading global embedded finance platform, is proud to announce that it is partnering with Array to offer Alviere’s enterprise clients customizable digital credit and identity tools to increase digital engagement, generate revenue, and help end customers own their financial future.

Alviere enables enterprises worldwide to offer financial products to their customers, partners, and employees. With the Alviere HIVE technology platform, organizations can enable an extensive range of financial products including virtual bank accounts, branded cards, global money transfers, payments, and web3 services. By integrating new features from partners into its platform, Alviere HIVE provides a single, integrated platform experience under one Master Services Agreement. In addition to Array, the HIVE platform combines proprietary technology across a vast, integrated partner ecosystem that includes Atomic, Cognito, ComplyAdvantage, Mastercard, Melissa, Mitek, Moody’s, Plaid, TabaPay, and Visa, among others.

Many consumers want to improve their financial wellness, but don’t know where to start. Through the Alviere and Array integration, credit monitoring and identity protection tools are now seamlessly integrated in an enterprise’s financial experience to help keep their customers in control of their credit. This partnership with Array ensures that Alviere continually delivers on a roadmap of compelling financial wellness features that increase consumer engagement in existing apps, websites, or experiences offered by enterprise clients.

“As financial technology innovators, we believe consumers should have access to their financial information when, how, and with the company they want,” said Alviere co-founder and CEO, Yuval Brisker. “Alviere is excited to partner with Array to deliver on that promise with educational and revenue-driving tools to keep consumers in control of their credit and identity, whether they choose to bank with their employer or their favorite brand.”

“At Array, our vision is to empower every individual to own their financial future through access to the right data and tools—at the right time,” said Martin Toha, Founder and CEO of Array. “Unifying financial experiences in a single digital experience has a powerful impact on consumers’ day-to-day lives. We are thrilled to help Alviere and its clients build enduring trust with customers by offering streamlined financial management on the HIVE platform.” 

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