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MPowered Mortgages begins testing ChatGPT

Source: MPowered Mortgages

MPowered Mortgages, the fintech mortgage lender using AI to speed up and simplify the mortgage journey for homebuyers and remortgagers, today announces that it has integrated ChatGPT technology into its internal chatbot tool on its mortgage origination platform.

The technology is being trialled with both its sales and underwriting teams on its ability to answer complex criteria-related enquiries. MPowered’s objective is to integrate this tool into its existing chatbot functionality which will be available to brokers in the near future.

ChatGPT offers the most advanced chatbot technology in the market based on artificial intelligence. Powered by large language models (LLMs), ChatGPT is capable of understanding natural language and generating detailed human-like responses. MPowered has leveraged ChatGPT’s technology to build its own question and answer tool that is able to provide comprehensive and accurate responses to complex questions built on a profound understanding of MPowered’s residential criteria and historic broker conversations.

Usually, for more complex criteria questions, a broker will need to speak to the broker support desk, who may need to consult an underwriter before giving an answer. This takes time for the broker and keeps the borrower waiting at the other end. ChatGPT-powered chatbot functionality will allow brokers to get an answer in an instant to some of the more complex criteria-related questions that standard chatbots available on other platforms just are not able to answer, avoiding hassle and timewasting.

Stuart Cheetham, CEO of MPowered Mortgages says:

“At MPowered Mortgages, we are constantly looking at ways we can both improve the broker journey and speed up the time it takes to get a mortgage offer using the power of AI.

“ChatGPT is at the cutting edge of chatbot technology, and perfectly augment's our own in-house proprietary AI which is already live in the market, and we’re delighted to be taking the first steps to test how we can integrate this into our processes, with the ultimate aim of delivering a more enhanced tool to brokers in the near future. AI will drive innovation in the mortgage market and MPowered Mortgages is at the forefront in deploying this technology to resolve real everyday problems.

“We hope in time it will both make their lives easier, but also improve customer journeys by getting immediate responses to live enquiries.”

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