Bamboo Payment appoints Francisco León from PayU as chief executive

Source: Bamboo Payments

Bamboo Payment, a payment enabler of payins and payouts across Latin America, today announced the appointment of Francisco León as its first Chief Executive Officer in a move aimed at scaling its business and ensuring accelerated growth in Latin America for the company.

With the region experiencing continuous growth over-indexing market trends worldwide, Bamboo Payment is in a unique position to contribute to the creation of value in the digital payments space in Latin America and establish itself as a key player in the industry.

León is joining Bamboo Payment from PayU, where he served as CEO of the Latin America division and oversaw PayU’s regional strategy and the delivery of its digital payments offering to Global Merchants. Prior to PayU, León served in various senior leadership roles at Falabella Bank in Colombia.

Since its launch in 2020, Bamboo Payment has developed a modern technology platform that enables Global Merchants to accept and make payments in 11 markets in Latin America, offering access to around 200 payment methods. Bamboo Payment´s vision has been translated into a single integration, localized payments, seamless experience, and supporting alternative and real-time payment adoption in Latin America. Additionally, the Company has developed customized solutions built upon its standard platform for global financial institutions and retailers. León will lead the continuation of the expansion of Bamboo Payment into new markets, build the next generation of products and scale the business to position the company as a leading player in the regional payments ecosystem.

“I want to welcome Francisco to the Bamboo Payment team,” says Marcelo Perez, Bamboo Payment board member. “He is a proven leader that knows the Latin America payment space like no other. Francisco shares our values and vision for the business, and on behalf of our Board, we look forward to working with him.”

“There is no better time to join Bamboo Payment,” says Francisco León. “I’m thrilled to take Bamboo Payment to its next chapter. We have plenty of opportunities to unlock the Latam market potential, we have real flexibility for developing new features and solutions and expanding into new markets when it comes to adapting our offerings to meet the unique needs of our clients.”

Bamboo Payment offers a range of cross-border financial transaction solutions specifically developed to ensure local coverage of the Latin American population, including currently unbanked or grossly underserved sectors not covered by existing digital payment infrastructures. Bamboo Payment’s offerings are divided into PAYIN and PAYOUT solutions:

PAYIN solutions enable companies to accept payments throughout LATAM without needing to establish a local entity or have a local presence. Bamboo Payment offers a wide range of local alternative payment methods, including instant bank transfers and eWallets, plugins for existing eCommerce platforms, hosted checkouts, and payment links for social media sales activity.

PAYOUT solutions enable companies to pay funds throughout LATAM without the need to constantly conduct innumerable international wire transfers. These PAYOUT solutions let international merchants, service companies, global marketplaces, and others conduct efficient payouts in local currency to sales teams, content creators, partners, and other entities.

Bamboo Payment is well-positioned to unlock Latin America’s potential and emerge as a leader in the digital payment solutions market. León’s appointment aligns with the company’s objective to build the best team of industry experts, doubling its team size in recent months with the hiring of industry leaders such as former VP of Engineering at Rappi, Lacides Guzmán, as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Simon Vella as Chief Treasury Officer from DLocal, and Carlos Steneri as Chief Strategy Officer from D24.

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