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Strike crypto app goes global

Source: Strike

Strike, the global money app for fast, safe payments and bitcoin, announced the global launch of its app in over 65 countries, expanding access to its revolutionary payments and bitcoin services to nearly 3 billion people worldwide.

Strike’s global money app leverages the power of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network to deliver a smooth, secure, and cost-effective experience that has been redesigned from the ground up. Customers can sign up in a few clicks, instantly send and receive cash and bitcoin, pay a Strike user, utilize the Lightning Network, and buy bitcoin, all in one app.

Strike’s platform is designed to empower people in countries around the world who face social and economic adversity including hyperinflation, unstable local currencies, and lack of access to fundamental financial services.

“Everyone on planet Earth should have easy access to money that can’t be inflated by governments and a payments network that can’t be influenced by intermediaries,” said Jack Mallers, Founder and CEO of Strike. “Emerging market economies have long been plagued by financial uncertainty, inflation, and predatory services threatening people’s ability to save, invest, and achieve financial stability. Bitcoin fixes this. Strike is a global money app that gives everyone easy access to better payments and bitcoin. It’s an experience billions of people need. That’s our mission, Better Money. It’s what we do.”

Previously, Strike has been available in the U.S., Argentina, and El Salvador.

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