ESpeed delivers US treasury and FX data to Motorola's Q

Source: ESpeed

ESpeed, Inc. (NASDAQ: ESPD), a leading developer of electronic marketplaces and trading technology for the global capital markets, announced today that its innovative wireless market data and trading solution for institutional trading of benchmark US Treasury bond issues and foreign exchange to market professionals is available on the new Motorola Q.

eSpeed's wireless market data and trading solution, which was launched in June 2005, provides state of the art trading access to eSpeed's clients and real-time market data to Cantor Market Data's clients. eSpeed's clients include the world's largest dealing and trading institutions, which are part of the wholesale secondary market for U.S. government securities. Cantor Market Data's clients are comprised of a broad range of financial market participants who rely on real-time price information to make critical trading decisions.

With eSpeed's wireless solution, and the much anticipated Motorola Q, market professionals can execute trades in real-time or obtain critical market data and analytics for the foreign exchange and U.S. government bond markets while on the go, without being restricted to their desktops.

In conjunction with BGC, a leading inter-dealer brokerage firm providing integrated voice and electronic services to wholesale fixed-income, interest rate, foreign exchange and derivatives markets worldwide, eSpeed plans on adding further instruments to its wireless application in the future in an effort to broaden the pipeline of tradable instruments and market data that will be available on a wireless basis. These may include futures, European government bonds and other securities and derivative products throughout the credit markets.

"As a leader in the wireless financial market data market we have an obligation to continue to develop the best available solutions for our customers to use on the best mobile device experience," said Brent Wilkins, Managing Director at eSpeed. "As a result, we are delighted to team up with Motorola to offer greater access from the Q to financial market participants around the world."

"Offering a variety of financial market and trader solutions on the Q helps enable Motorola and eSpeed to deliver a compelling enterprise experience for the financial industry," said Mark Shockley, vice president of Seamless Mobility Devices, Motorola Mobile Devices.

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