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Revolut launches new Avalanche cryptocurrency educational courses

Source: Revolut

Revolut, the global financial super app with more than 29 million customers worldwide, is taking another step forward towards its mission of bringing customers the best financial products and services to manage their money.

Revolut expands its educational offer to the crypto-enthusiasts in the UK and EEA with a new Learn & Earn lesson, this time dedicated to Avalanche, the eco-friendly blockchain designed for both Web3 devs and businesses. The Avalanche platform’s native token, AVAX, is one of the latest cryptocurrencies offered to the Revolut crypto community.

Revolut’s Learn & Earn courses have been created to help customers improve their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and related topics, including blockchains, and the most popular tokens and protocols. In the last year, Learn & Earn has consolidated its role in transforming technical crypto jargon into more accessible information for a broader audience, but mainly among GenZers and Millennials.

Avalanche and Revolut are bringing together a new crypto course

Four courses are already available from the Revolut app: Crypto Basics, Polkadot, 1Inch, and a Polkadot Bonus course. Learn & Earn courses have been created to help customers improve their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and related topics. The impact of the feature was also acknowledged by the second edition of the Pulse Report, issued by the FinTech consultancy 11FS. Revolut Learn and Earn was picked as a ”top cryptocurrency star” in 2022 for its ”fun and simple approach”.

The courses deliver, in a funny and accessible manner, the basic information and knowledge about the tokens offered by Revolut. The level of a customer's crypto competence is measured through short and simple final quizzes. Revolut rewards the clients testing their expertise on cryptocurrencies with up to £/€15 from all of Revolut Learn and Earn courses, in different tokens.

A fifth addition is coming in today with a course dedicated to AVAX. In this course, customers will learn the basics of Avalanche, through two lessons:
• Lesson 1: Introduction to Avalanche - Customers will discover what Avalanche consensus protocol is and how it works. Also, the lesson explains how Avalanche differs from other blockchains.
• Lesson 2: How does Avalanche scale? Participants will learn about the Subnet concept and how Avalanche scaling models can contribute to the crypto ecosystem without a proportionate increase in gas fees.

Revolut’s Global Business Head of Crypto, Mazen Eljundi, said: "We're excited to continue our mission of making the complex world of blockchain technology more accessible to everyone. We have welcomed hundreds of thousands of new users onboard to our Learn & Earn program in just the last month alone. The appetite for educational content on web3 continues to increase at a promising and encouraging rate. This will be the fifth course we bring to our users, and we have many more exciting ones coming out over the next few months. Our commitment to providing top-quality education on the latest blockchain protocols is stronger than ever, and we're excited to see the impact our courses are having on our users' understanding and adoption of this innovative technology."

How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Revolut?

Revolut will continue to add more courses in the Learn and Earn section, partnering with some of the best crypto projects to gain a better understanding of the concepts and technology that underpin the industry and give them safe access to new tools and services.

Revolut Ltd, a company established in the United Kingdom, offers a wide range of financial products through its financial superapp, and crypto is an increasingly popular feature.

There are several ways to buy and sell crypto on Revolut. Customers can set up a stop or limit order so they don’t have to time the market, or use the Recurring Buy feature to average out volatility. Customers can also roundup any spare change in a cryptocurrency of their choice. Customers can now invest in more than 100 cryptocurrencies on Revolut or in 12+ Crypto Collections, with the tokens on the same topic or technology being grouped in the same collection.

As part of our goal to be the safest place to trade, use and learn about crypto, Revolut regularly communicates with customers that crypto tokens are volatile assets and prices can change quickly. Revolut believes in widening access to crypto and also recognises that it may not be appropriate for everyone, so the company encourages its customers to research the various cryptocurrencies and the risks and opportunities before buying or selling. Customers should review independent sources and learn the differences between tokens as well as considering their personal circumstances when buying or selling crypto. Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Funds are not protected and their price is extremely volatile. Tax could be payable on gains.

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